Furnishing the bathroom in your mountain home: a style to copy!

Inspiration, decor ideas and a tip for a project.

If you’re lucky enough to own a mountain holiday home and would like to refurbish the bathroom, here you’ll find useful tips to help you give it a more modern look without forgoing the classical warmth of a typical mountain dwelling.

Mountain home bathrooms: let’s define needs and desires

Just like with any other bathroom decor project, we start by analysing the needs of those who use it. In the specific case of a holiday home, needs (space and functions) are slightly different because the house is not continuously inhabited.

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The Rovere Cadore wood in this composition from the Cubik collection has a rustic feature in a modern, linear space.

Furnishing a Mountain Home Bathroom | Space Dimensions and Organisation

Usually, bathrooms in holiday homes are smaller so that more space can be dedicated to the other rooms; however, the smaller the bathroom, the more important it is to plan the area well so that everything is perfectly organised.

Frequently, height is also reduced, for example in attic bathrooms, where customised solutions are required with made to measure shower enclosures. Particularly in such cases, it is essential to commission a designer who can plan a bespoke bathroom that takes structural restrictions into account.

A useful tip is to start with priorities and establish which function should have the most space: do you dream of a super designer bathtub to soak in after a day on the ski slopes?  Or do you prefer a large, invigorating shower to warm your muscles after a snowshoe excursion? Or does your large family need a cabinet to take everyone’s personal hygiene products? Drawing up a list of each person’s needs makes it easier to decide how to subdivide the space in your mountain home bathroom.

If you like the sensation of a waterfall, a large shower (maybe with similar dimensions to a bathtub) could be the right solution – setting taken from Dolcevita catalogue.

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Furnishing a Mountain Home Bathroom | Functions and Comfort

Once you have established which element (or elements) should be privileged, start choosing individual décor items.  Here are some useful tips:

  • If you are seeking a capacious, functional bathroom cabinet, you can create a composition that exploits both depth and height, using floor-standing units, or you can make original use of the walls by fitting hanging units, which may be at a distance from the main cabinet;
  • if the mountain home serves many people but there is just one bathroom, the ideal solution could be twin washbasins;
  • if your dream is a maxi shower you could choose a trendy walk-in, or a closed shower enclosure that can contain massaging water jets;
  • if your idea of relaxing is a soak in a hot tub – maybe a Jacuzzi type – your choice could be a designer bathtub;
  • if you’re lucky, you may be able to fit both: here’s the perfect post to help you accommodate a bathtub and shower in the bathroom so you can choose how to relax;
  • if you prefer to dedicate most of the space to a bathtub and shower, it’s best to avoid a voluminous cabinet and opt for a free-standing designer unit (using another wall for tall hanging storage units);
  • what about a sauna?  If it’s feasible (inside or outside the bathroom) you may want to invest in a home sauna, a Nordic custom that we could benefit from too. It doesn’t need to be huge to do its job.
The Cubik Rovere Antico finish warms a modern composition with alternating lines.
This fir top from the Dogma collection gives a rustic chic touch that makes your mountain home bathroom both classical and contemporary.

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Furnishing a Mountain Home Bathroom | Traditional or Contemporary Rustic?

And now we come to defining the style of your mountain home bathroom. Wood naturally comes to mind as the main material for a house of this type.  However, a bathroom with wood décor does not necessarily have to be rustic or classical.  There’s a wide range of solutions available to give your bathroom a more industrial look, or a hint of minimal Nordic style.

The most important thing is that the bathroom is cosy, warm and relaxing (playing with wall colours also helps).

Some style tips!

  • Wooden floors also look good in bathrooms: there are suitable wood species and special treatments for wet rooms; a wooden floor gives great character to a mountain home bathroom;
  • you can choose a bathroom cabinet in wood with one of the new tops for sit-on washbasins or wood finish HPL versions that can be used for integrated washbasins;
  • soft lighting, soft towels and the scent of wood are little details that make a difference.
  • If your renovation is up to it, enlarging the windows to let more light in can bring that wow effect to a dream bathroom with a view!
What if I put in a boiserie wall instead of wood flooring? An example from the recently renewed Nyù collection catalogue.

Furnishing a Mountain Home Bathroom | A Tip for a Project

Completed projects often make it much easier to eye details and get inspiration: the photos below show a mountain home bathroom furnished with modern units in a warm, cosy atmosphere provided by wood cladding.

This bathroom has been inserted in an attic with a number of windows. The lower part houses a large capacious cabinet (using base units from the My Seventy Plus collection) and fixtures. Although it appears to be a single room, the more private area is separated by a made-to-measure, diagonally cut glass door made with Vitrum series glass panels (for the fixed part) and doors from the Project series (for the part that opens).

For the shower enclosure a part of the attic has been closed off with a diagonally cut hinged swing door from the Project collection: also here, a black painted frame and smoky glass. The just visible shower tray is from the Join collection.

This bathroom features a shower enclosure from the Smart series, with black frame and smoky glass.

Project Info: Cuneo, 2020 | Credits Edilceramiche Filippi

You would probably never have thought of black as a finish for a mountain home bathroom, and yet, as you can see, modern linear decor warms the atmosphere with rustic wood cladding that creates a cosy, functional ambience. A warm place to come home to after summer hikes or walks through the snow.

Consult a designer and visit one of our dealers to find the right solution for your mountain home bathroom!


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