Walk-in shower enclosures: solutions for open showers

Closed on one or two sides, fixed glass panels or integrated curtain, frames coordinated or with the classical steel finish.

Let’s explore the different aesthetic and design solutions for walk-in shower enclosures, also known as ‘open shower space’.

We mentioned in a previous post that this is the easiest type of shower enclosure to clean: walk-in enclosures provide a design solution that eliminates any type of door. In and out access is provided by a space created between the glass panels or between the panels and walls. They can be installed on a shower tray or flush with the floor, a solution known (particularly abroad) as an ‘Italian shower’.

Installing a walk-in shower enclosure: measurements

To avoid water loss and annoying spray, a walk-in shower enclosure should be generously dimensioned.

As a general indication, we can suggest a shower tray of minimum depth 80cm and length 140cm.

Walk-in shower enclosures: variants and types of installation

Let’s take a look at the different types of walk-in shower enclosures with different configurations.

1. Alcove walk-in shower

In this first example the shower is surrounded by walls on three sides: the fourth can be partly closed by a fixed glass panel, alone or with an additional hinged panel that closes inwards.

Walk-in shower enclosure | Alcove version: a hinged panel that can be closed while showering is added to the fixed glass panels – Vitrum, Disenia

2. Corner walk-in shower enclosures

There are different solutions for corner walk-in shower enclosures, according to needs and the size of the shower area. The diagrams below illustrate the composition options and demonstrate the versatility of walk-in shower enclosures.

Diagrams of possible configurations for a two-sided doorless walk-in shower
Walk-in shower enclosure | Corner version: the enclosure comprises two corner fitted fixed glass panels that leave an entry space against one wall – Vitrum, Disenia

Click here to configure a walk-in directly online

3. Walk-in shower enclosure fitted against a wall

The last example is a shower enclosure fitted against a wall. For this solution, the fixed glass panel creates the long side, leaving both short sides open to provide access from both ends.

Walk-in shower enclosure | Wall-fitted version: a single fixed glass panel covers the length of the wall, leaving both sides open for access – Vitrum, Disenia

For all examples the open sides can be shielded by a waterproof fabric shower curtain, that adds style to the bathroom and provides protection from spray. A useful idea for those who prefer walk-ins but do not have a large shower area at their disposal.

Walk-in shower enclosure | Corner version: a shower curtain is added to the open end of the fixed glass panel on the long wall to protect from spray – Vitrum, Disenia

If your bathroom is truly small, you will have to find another, more suitable type of shower enclosure: take a look at this post!

Vitrum: the trendy, customisable walk-in shower

All the images in these posts are of the Vitrum model, an open shower with 6/8mm thick x H 2050mm glass panels available in numerous variants.

Walk-in shower enclosure | Corner version: two fixed glass panels + hinged door – Vitrum, Disenia

Thanks to a wide range of finishes for the glass panels and frames, and the different versions available, the Vitrum shower enclosure features infinite design opportunities. Here’s a list of the creative possibilities provided by this model:

  • 9 frame finishes – 5 classical (polished or brushed steel finish, glossy or textured white, and textured black) and 4 matt coloured metal finishes (titanium, copper, platinum and gold) to follow the latest trends in interior design. In addition, there are the colours in our brand chart, providing even more opportunities to coordinate with the bathroom décor.
  • 5 types of glass (transparent, matt chinchilla, brushed, bronze and smoked), 2 screenprints and transparent glass with Timeless anti-lime deposit treatment.
  • 3 types of installation, with wall plates for a totally minimal effect, with Luce or encased frame (a concealed frame, invisible when installed, leaving only the glass panels on view).
  • 2 types of shower curtain, white or ecru, in waterproof fabric, simple to detach and wash.

Download the complete catalogue to find out more!

Walk-in shower enclosure | Corner version: two fixed glass panels + hinged door – Vitrum, Disenia

See Vitrum on the Disenia website and plan your walk-in shower

For those who prefer frameless shower enclosures, or who have always wanted an open shower flush with the floor, a walk-in like Vitrum provides a wide range of composition options: visit one of our dealers to find the perfect one for you!

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