A beautiful, trendy bathroom with a choice of four tops

Are you in doubt about the right top for your bathroom furniture? Let’s compare four different solutions.

Designing a bathroom cabinet is not so easy, as there are many different solutions and finishes to choose from. Today’s post will focus on the cabinet top, which may or may not feature an integrated basin, with some useful tips to help you understand which solution is the most suitable for your bathroom

First of all, an important distinction that may not be so obvious is in order:

  • the washbasin is the actual bowl (or sink, whatever you call it), which can be mounted on the cabinet top or be integrated, set or semi-set into the top. A trendy alternative is the vanity unit, consisting of a washbasin set into a top with cupboards beneath, or a freestanding washbasin;
  • the washbasin cabinet has a top, which can be fitted with a recessed washbasin: in this case the cabinet top and washbasin are a single element made of the same material.

One of our previous blog posts focused on choosing the right washbasin. You can find it here >  Semi-inset, freestanding or countertop: which washbasin will you choose for your bathroom?

Today’s post focusses on the top. More specifically, we are going to take a look at four trendy solutions and the characteristics of each material, which can also be used for the door and drawer fronts.

Stoneware and HPL laminate are perfect for those who love veins and textures, whereas glass and Aquatek are preferred by those who are into elegant monochrome. Here are four different solutions for your bathroom cabinet top.

STONEWARE: for cladding and furniture

Stoneware, which is generally used as a cladding material, can also be used for furniture items like cabinets and cabinet tops: in this case very thin slabs are used. Exceptional resistance even to deep abrasion, and style versatility are the advantages of stoneware, which is increasingly used in making bathroom furniture. Stoneware tops with integrated washbasin have squared shapes that are both minimal and elegant. If desired, the same material can be used for wall cladding and the bathroom cabinet, for a fully coordinated effect.

8.5cm thick hollow-core top with integrated Marquinia stoneware washbasin (Dolcevita Collection) / Hollow-core top with integrated washbasin in natural Piasentina stoneware (Cubik collection)

HPL: for tops, washbasins and fronts

High-pressure laminate is a state-of-the-art material that is hygienic, impact resistant and hard-wearing. With HPL you can create virtually any colour and textured effect. HPL can be used for tops, fronts and washbasins, so all elements of a bathroom cabinet will have the same finish. 

As with stoneware, HPL creates a particularly streamlined visual effect that is perfect for modern, minimal bathrooms.

Top in Unicolor HPL impero (Cubik collection)
Top in Unicolor HPL impero (Cubik collection) / Top in Unicolor HPL Tobacco (Cubik Collection)

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Aquatek is a more flexible material that can take different square or rounded shapes. You can match an Aquatek washbasin with a cabinet top in a different material, or opt for an Aquatek top with integrated washbasin. Unlike the other previous solutions, Aquatek can take on more curved shapes.

Cubik white Aquatek washbasin (Cubik collection)
Aquatek washbasin with edge drip profile (Dolcevita collection)
Top with white Aquatek rounded integrated washbasin (Cubik collection)

GLASS: timeless elegance

Glass tops have a smooth, extra matt surface that lends exquisite elegance to bathroom cabinets. Integrated washbasins have gentle, sophisticated shapes that further enhance modern bathroom decor. Glass is very easy to clean and can be given the same colour as the lacquered finish of the bathroom cabinet, for a stylish furnishing solution that will never go out of fashion.

Sandblasted glass top with integrated twin washbasins (Dolcevita collection) / Sandblasted glass top with integrated washbasin (Dolcevita collection)


Still in doubt about which top to choose for your bathroom cabinet? So far we have discussed materials for integrated washbasins, but that’s not all.

Bathroom cabinets can also have a wooden top, as you can read in this article. If you wish to opt for a wooden top, you need a sit-on washbasin. Alternatively, you can choosea semi-inset washbasin, which is fully built into the top with a cut-out shaped to accommodate it.

Rovere Fossile top with sit-on washbasin (Cubik collection)

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