“Mirror, mirror on the wall, which is the fanciest of them all?“

Five trendy mirrors for a fairytale bathroom

Choosing a bathroom mirror is not as easy as it sounds. Even the all-knowing spirit within the Queen’s Magic Mirror would have been stumped when asked to offer definitive guidance on choosing the perfect mirror, but don’t let that worry you – let’s work through the options together!

Bathroom mirror: how to choose one

Mirrors, when used to tie the room together, not only complete the bathroom, but also define its style and enhance the overall interior design through carefully selected shapes and finishes.
They may be designed to seamlessly integrate with the existing furniture arrangement, or alternatively, to stand out as a standalone element: the choice of mirror hinges on personal preferences, functional requirements and – why not – whether you want to enhance the chosen wall cladding or highlight a specific reflection (a decorated wall, a window with a stunning view, or perhaps just a less visually appealing utility room).

Choosing the type of mirror at the initial design stage, rather than postponing the decision until the furnishing stage, is crucial: despite being considered a mere ‘decorative element’, the mirror is in fact an integral component of a bathroom furnishing suite, and plays a central role in defining the overall ambience and even the perception of space and illumination in the room. It reflects and thus amplifies ambient light, and any integrated lighting fixtures can transform it into a direct light source.

Here are five of the most popular and sought-after types of bathroom mirrors.

1 | Rectangular mirror

Let’s start with the most common one: the traditional, linear, rectangular mirror with a slim metal frame. While a mirror as wide as the vanity unit is a commonly chosen option, this is not set in stone. In fact, you’ll often find it’s quite the contrary. Rectangular mirrors come in a variety of sizes, and depending on specific design requirements they can be installed horizontally or vertically, or even next to wall units or shelves. Lighting can be integrated into the mirror’s frame, creating a soft, diffused glow that enhances the bathroom furniture’s design and overall ambience.

1| Tecnica rectangular bathroom mirror with aluminium frame, touch controls and light integrated in the upper profile. 2 | Side rectangular mirror with LED backlighting. 3 | Side-Up rectangular mirror with LED backlighting and top light.

For those who are seeking a streamlined aesthetic but have limited space, square mirrors can be a practical option that offers the same linear elegance but in a more compact form.

Joule square mirror with dimmable perimeter lighting and touch ON/OFF switch

2 | Round mirror

Unlike rectangular mirrors, a round bathroom mirror disrupts the rigid lines of the room and (often) its furniture, introducing a sense of fluidity and movement and softening the overall ambience of the space. The size of the mirror defines its overall aesthetic impact: instead of a single large mirror you can opt for multiple smaller mirrors. A frame, if present, can enhance the mirror’s visual appeal by seamlessly integrating it with the bathroom’s existing design elements.

1. Ring round mirror with a painted metal frame and a black leather-effect hanging strap. Without lighting. 2 | Lap mirror Sleek and minimalist, with a variety of sizes to choose from. Perfect for creating clusters | 3. Eclissi round mirror with perimeter lighting and Touch controls.

3 | Decorative mirror

A bold, statement piece: the decorative mirror stands out as a captivating alternative to the conventional round mirror with its distinctive shape and subtle retro flair, blending seamlessly into both contemporary and traditional or vintage bathrooms. Its distinctive elegance and unusual shape – such as octagonal or decagonal – will easily become the focal point of the bathroom décor.

1 | Ottagono mirror with aluminium frame. Without lighting. 2 | Deka mirror with aluminium frame. Without lighting.

4 | Ceiling-mounted mirror

And if the bathroom cabinet (or washbasin) is freestanding, i.e. installed in the middle of the room or away from the wall? Not to worry: a suspended mirror can be the perfect solution! Double-sided mirrors are a great option in this case, as they reflect more light from both sides, effectively illuminating the bathroom space. The mirror doesn’t necessarily have to be centred directly above the cabinet: experimenting with different positions, even slight misalignments, can add a touch of originality and character to the bathroom décor.

Soffitto double-sided rectangular mirror (there is also an oval version with exactly the same characteristics), with a stainless steel frame.

Our suspended mirror is available in two versions: a rectangular and an oval one to best match the style of the bathroom. Beauty oval mirrors (photo) are also available in a standard wall-mounted version that can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Beauty oval ceiling-mounted mirror with a stainless steel frame. | Asola oval wall-mounted mirror with a black metal frame.

5 | Mirror cabinet

When storage space is never enough, a mirror cabinet is always a stylish, practical solution: unlike the traditional arrangement of a mirror next to a wall unit, mirror cabinets make the most of the wall surface, maximising storage and reflection at the same time.

They can also be set recessed into the wall, keeping the storage compartment out of sight: this makes them an excellent choice for shallower vanity units (or washbasins).

Multiplo mirror: mirror cabinet with 2 or 3 double-sided mirror doors and 2 or 4 glass shelves with a mirror back. Available in a black or brushed version, it is 80 cm high, with 7 width options to choose from (60 to 135 cm).

Have you found the perfect mirror for your bathroom yet? While seeking guidance from a professional interior designer is always advisable, here are some quick tips to get you started on choosing the perfect bathroom mirror:

  • Think about your daily bathroom routine: besides being a décor element, will the mirror also be used as a make-up or shaving mirror? Does it have to be well lit?
  • Take into account your bathroom’s décor requirements: is a simple mirror enough, or do you need extra concealed storage space? Does the bathroom have sufficient light, or will the mirror be used to reflect the light and make the bathroom feel brighter? Is the bathroom small? A mirror can help make it feel more spacious.
  • Consider the lighting needs of your bathroom (or have an expert do it for you), so you can choose the most suitable type of light to go with your mirror.
  • Make sure your bathroom mirror expresses your personal taste and style!

One final piece of advice: don’t ignore the range of technology now available for bathroom mirrors: from Bluetooth connection to touch controls for customising the light output, or a demister system that prevents the mirror from fogging up when you have a hot bath or shower, there is something for everyone.

Pigreco: rectangular mirror with an aluminium frame and built-in light, touch controls for colour temperature adjustment and demister on/off.

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