Make your bathroom a haven of wellbeing

Say goodbye to stress and tension: design and decor will turn your bathroom into a private comfort zone.

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, in recent years our homes have become shelters where we seek refuge and protection and hope to find peace of mind and wellbeing.  Every room has changed its look and functions to adapt to new needs for the family and work, but the bathroom is still the place to find intimacy and peace, where worries can be forgotten and we can dedicate time to pampering ourselves.

That’s why it’s important to fully exploit its potential and turn it into a small private haven of wellbeing. We increasingly hear of home spas and home wellness, but what does it mean? How can we turn our bathroom into a small private spa?

Brave | Niche shower enclosure with Copper 002 finish and Bronze glass (Disenia)

The bathroom as a (multi)sensorial experience

First of all, it is important to define what our concept of a home spa is: you don’t need to have sophisticated hydro- or chromo- therapy systems, saunas or hammams to turn your bathroom into your personal spa.

Just by using certain key elements we can stimulate our senses so that the time spent in the bathroom, however short or long, is relaxing and regenerating. All the senses except taste can be stimulated by choosing certain technical solutions, fittings and decorative items; counting simply on aesthetics is not enough.

Design, aesthetics and lighting: wellbeing at first sight

DESIGN | Regardless of personal taste in aesthetics and design, a bathroom fitted with contemporary furniture or in line with the latest trends immediately has a positive effect on entering, just as a dark, dated or untidy room can make us feel uncomfortable. Colour also influences our perception of a room and the sensations it generates: from the choice of lacquered surfaces to chromotherapy, to the bathroom walls: never underestimate the importance of colour!

Sense | A collection of bathroom furniture that exalts texture (Ideagroup)

Finding the perfect Ideagroup furniture for your bathroom is the first step towards a functional bathroom that’s always tidy. Untidiness and a host of unused products (that accumulate dust) have a stressful psychological effect that prevents relaxation. One of the principles of Feng Shui, an oriental discipline that favours wellbeing through harmony among natural elements, refers precisely to the need to live in orderly places so as not to obstruct flows of positive energy.

Tall units, wall units and storage units for a well-organised bathroom: the project is based on a need for storage (Sense – Ideagroup)

LIGHTING | Illuminating the bathroom well is not just choosing the most suitable light fittings in terms of style and design. It also means making a precise calculation to plan the position and number of lights; choose lamps to use only at certain times, perhaps during a soak in a hot bath or relaxing shower; or take advantage of the benefits of chromotherapy by providing the necessary equipment right from the start.
Don’t forget the importance of natural light and how much it affects the environment.

What if your bathroom is windowless? Don’t worry, read our tips.

The Sense collection provides a host of different mirrors, including some with integrated LED lights.

Now let’s see how to exploit our other senses to create the relaxing atmosphere of a spa in the bathroom.

From the pleasure of water to decor materials: the importance of touch

WATER | The natural element par excellence in the bathroom, its essence. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer a shower or a tub: there are no universal rules as everyone relaxes in their own personal way. The benefits of a hot bath are as well-known as those of a shower, which can be energising or relaxing according to its duration. 

A modern, freestanding bathtub or a maxi shower with clean-cut minimal styling are small luxuries.  Whether designing or renovating the bathroom, these are the essential elements to achieve the objective of creating a comfort zone worthy of a spa.

Mini home spa? Start with the bathtub: see all the Disenia propositions

TEXTURE | The rough feel of wood, the silky feel of Fenix NTM, the softness of matt soft touch lacquers, the irregular texture of the surfaces of modern shower trays, and the feel of contemporary bathtubs: design today is not only pleasant to see, but also to touch.

WARMTH | The right temperature in the bathroom does more than pamper us: heat loosens muscles so we can relax, and avoids discomfort when undressing and getting washed.  That’s why it’s important to design the bathroom heating system properly and use radiators of the right size and output. And don’t forget that nowadays designer heating units come in materials and colours that can be coordinated with the rest of the room.

The Disenia Helios radiator heats the bathroom and decorates it using colours and materials coordinated with the décor.

COSMETICS AND FABRICS | The sensation of water on the skin, the little rituals that give the benefits of creams and massage oil, even a warm, enveloping towel: small pleasures linked to touch, to bear in mind when choosing products and fabrics to use in the bathroom.

Sense Ideagroup | Detail of the two under-basin drawers to hold all your beauty products

Touch is one of the most powerful senses we have: our skin is stimulated even before we are born because it is rich in sensorial receptors linked directly to our brain, thereby favouring the release of oxytocin – known as the happiness hormone. That’s why studying a project that also stimulates this sense is essential to achieve a welcoming, relaxing environment.

And smell? From proper ventilation to aromatherapy

HOUSEHOLD PLANTS | It is fundamental to breathe clean, fresh air in the bathroom: if there’s room, certain household plants, such as Sansevieria or Boston Fern, absorb contaminants and odours and improve the air in enclosed spaces.

Bull Bathtub by Disenia

AROMATHERAPY | At times – when taking a bath or shower or pampering yourself with a quick wellbeing ritual – fragrances and aromas can be released into the room to help smooth tensions, based on the principles of aromatherapy. Scented candles, essences, essential oils: just remember to air the room afterwards. 

What our nose captures influences our perception of wellbeing. That’s why it’s important to take smell into account when planning a bathroom that will act as a private mini spa, starting with proper ventilation of the room.

Neutral colours and natural materials help to create a welcoming environment | Sense Collection – Ideagroup

Hearing also has its part

Music touches very personal chords: listening to it when relaxing has the power to amplify sensations and emotions. Whether it’s a relaxing melody while taking a hot bath or a song to scream out in the shower, your personal spa is not complete without bearing this aspect in mind.

Your favourite Spotify playlist is the crowning glory: you can listen from any of your devices or directly from your bathroom mirror if you have décor that integrates Bluetooth connections!

Ideagroup mirrors can be provided with a Bluetooth system for listening to music through connected personal devices

A well-furnished bathroom, well-lit and orderly; latest generation materials, carefully selected cosmetics and fabrics, your dream shower or bathtub; fragrant essences in the air and your favourite music to relax to.  That’s how the bathroom becomes a bespoke mini spa.

Have you found your haven of relaxation? Visit one of our dealers or our virtual showroom: don’t delay your wellbeing!

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