Give your bathroom and laundry room a coordinated look with the My Time and Spazio Time furnishing collections

Read our post to find out more about the new features introduced by the revamping of our two collections, including new finishes and colours, restyled handles and infinite design possibilities.

A preview of the restyled My Time and Spazio Time collections by Ideagroup, which are designed to customize, complement and enhance the functionality of the bathroom and laundry room, was presented at Cersaie 2021. Don’t miss this post to find out what’s new and be inspired by our tips for designing and furnishing your bathroom and laundry room.

MY TIME: a colourful, functional bathroom  

In line with the latest furnishing trends, the already versatile and functional My Time collection has been expanded to include new finishes and plenty of new modular solutions that turn it into the most comprehensive in the Ideagroup range.  

Modularity has been enhanced to adapt to the requirements of modern bathroom design: different heights, widths and depths for the base units, including the vanity units, ensure greater freedom in terms of arrangements and layouts. Open shelves can be added to the cabinets, providing further scope for customization.

My Time | An eye-catching combination of suspended base units, tall units and open modules lends an original, dynamic touch to the room.  
My Time | Open side shelves add airiness to the design of the bathroom.

To adapt your bathroom and laundry room to the latest interior design trends, choose any of the 41 colours on the Ideagroup palette, 4 matt metal-finish colours, 10 wood-effect melamine finishes or 2 new textured concrete-effect melamine finishes.

My Time | A stunning furnishing combination in one of Ideagroup’s two concrete-effect melamine finishes (Kiruna), with Noce Moscata matt lacquered mirror and open shelves.  
My Time | Ken concrete-effect melamine-finish suspended vanity unit.

A wide choice of tops with integrated washbasins caters to the most diverse requirements in terms of style: materials range from Aquatek to Aqualux, Mineralsolid, Mineralux and Corian, alongside the evergreen ceramic.  

Find out how to look after resin tops

My Time | New Touch washbasin in matt ceramic with a practical storage shelf.
My Time | Matt Confetto Mineralsolid top with integrated washbasin.
My Time | Matt Sahara Mineralsolid sit-on washbasin.
My Time | Bianco Corian top with integrated washbasins .
My Time | Moon Grigio Stoneware top with integrated washbasin. 
My Time | Glossy white ceramic mini washbasin with side-mounted tap. 

Semi-inset, integrated, freestanding or countertop: how to choose a washbasin

The iconic Time handle, which originally came with a polished Brill finish only, is now also available in any colour of the Ideagroup lacquer palette to complement the style of the cabinet. The Profilo handle is another option. It is built into the upper side of the door and has a minimal, elegant design. The Profilo handle too is available either Brill finish or lacquered. 

My Time | Left: Diva matt lacquered Time handle; Right: Noce Moscata matt lacquered Profilo handle.

Explore the My Time Collection

SPAZIO TIME: a new look for modern laundry rooms

My Time and Spazio Time are sibling collections, the latter featuring multi-function elements specifically designed for the laundry room, including accessories, complementary items, cabinets and elements for organizing the utility room where you keep essential items like the washing machine, dryer, ironing board and all of your laundry and cleaning supplies.

Spazio Time | The revamped collection includes new finishes and functional elements, including open shelving units in line with the latest trends.

New open shelving units and 6cm thick elements: designing the laundry room to make it even more functional and stylish is even more fun with the revamped Spazio Time collection. The entire space around your laundry appliances can be customized to suit your taste and requirements, with 6cm thick elements that can be used as practical shelves, sides, partitions, or even just serve decorative purposes.  

Spazio Time | The Spazio Time and My Time collections feature matching finishes, so you can give your bathroom and laundry room a seamless look.
Spazio Time | Some examples of use of the 6cm thick elements (left: Olmo Nocciola finish; right: Rovere Borneo finish).

Contrasting volumes and colours characterize the modern Spazio Time laundry room, which features the same colours and finishes as the My Time collection. Your laundry room can perfectly match the bathroom décor, keeping style seamless from one room to the other.

Spazio Time | Whether it’s a laundry room or a walk-in wardrobe, the addition of matching open shelving makes both rooms more functional and super stylish.

Design your modern laundry room with the Spazio Time Collection

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