How to organise a mini-laundry in your bathroom

Photo by Dan Gold - Unsplash
Photo by Dan Gold – Unsplash

How much space is needed to incorporate a laundry area in the bathroom? What accessories are essential? Should I hide the washer, or have it on view? Let’s get our heads together, with measurements and décor ideas.

We have discussed the subject of laundries a number of times on our blog, but one thing we haven’t done is to talk about the more technical aspects linked to size: that means the widths and depths required to plan a bathroom that incorporates an attractive, functional service area.

1. Washing machine: how much space does it occupy?

If laundry space is lacking in other rooms in the house, the washing machine can be fitted into the bathroom.

  • Depth: excluding 33cm deep mini-washing machines (perhaps only convenient in a holiday home), the less voluminous models (4/5 kg) occupy a depth of approximately 45cm, whereas bigger ones (8/9 kg) take up to 64cm, including the door. According to how much space we have, we must bear these measurements in mind, as well as the outlet: if it is behind the machine, it requires further space (to give an idea, about 10cm); if it is on one side, the machine can be placed closer to the wall behind it. Another aspect not to be underestimated is the opening space for the door: to avoid problems of damp in the washer, we need to leave room for the door to be left ajar (also when the machine is concealed inside a cabinet).
  • Width: 59.5 / 60cm are standard measurements for all washing machines.
  • Height: all washing machines are 85cm in height. Bear this in mind if you want to make use of the wall above the machine.

2. On view or concealed in a cabinet?

A tall unit to conceal a washing machine is 70cm wide x 65cm deep and can also contain a dryer or be equipped with different accessories.

As we have seen, the washing machine alone occupies space and concealing it in a cabinet will require some extra centimetres for the unit’s back and side panels and door. Where space is at a premium and every millimetre counts, we need to consider every minimum detail very carefully.

Invisible laundry: conceal everything in tall units and special cabinets. Read the post!

If you want to leave the machine on view, you can use the area above it by fitting a wall unit or integrating it into a slim cabinet that covers the sides and can be equipped as you wish inside.

The washing machine can be on view and integrated into a tall unit of variable depth (36cm, 50cm or 65cm), equipped with a laundry basket and other storage compartments.

Are you thinking of planning a mini-laundry in your bathroom? Our website gives you all the necessary technical information. Take a look at the modularity of our collections, we can create solutions tailor made for your space:

3. Laundry baskets

Photo by Andy Fitzsimon – Unsplash

When talking about laundry space, we cannot ignore the need for a basket or compartment in which to stash items waiting to be washed. There’s an infinite variety of baskets, including designer models, which can be on show and match the rest of the decor in colour or finish. However, if there’s room, everything can be concealed inside a tall unit or cabinet with a pull-out or tilting system.

In any case, this is an element you cannot be without in a small bathroom laundry.
There is no standard dimension: laundry baskets come in all sizes, just find the one most suitable for your needs.

Accessories, internal partitions and other solutions for organising a laundry: read what we said in this article.

The tilting, pull-out laundry basket in the Spazio Time collection comes in widths of 35 or 45cm. Depths available are 36.50 and 65cm. It can be integrated into a bathroom cabinet and disappear completely.

4. Detergents and other products for washing and caring for your clothes

Deep drawers, shelves, designer baskets, open units: these are the solutions at our disposal for keeping all the cleaning agents we need in a laundry space. Whether we use a broad selection or just a carefully chosen few, it’s better to store them tidily so that they are easily to hand and can be replaced quickly after use.
Also here, the walls and every corner of your bathroom can be used, according to the space available.

Pull-out detergent drawer on wheels: one of the Spazio Time options to place under or at the side of the washbasin. Measurements: L 60cm x D 49cm

5. Dryer, ironing board, drying rack, washtub

We mention them all together because they are the elements we would like to have in a home laundry, but which we often need to place elsewhere. This post concentrates on the possibility of creating a mini-laundry in the bathroom, taking for granted that there is no room for anything else.

It goes without saying that these useful accessories can only be located in your laundry, on view or concealed, according to your priorities and the availability of balconies or open spaces.

The washtub, once considered essential, can be a larger washbasin occasionally used to do hand washing. There are hybrid models that look like designer washbasins and hide a double depth to use when needed, for example!

Fitting a dryer into a small bathroom? We discussed this here.

Matt white mineralsolid washbasin / washtub – Spazio Time Collection | As and when needed, the depth doubles for hand washing or soaking. Measurements 62cm x 70cm depth.

See our collections for furnishing laundries: Spazio Time and Kandy
Download the catalogues to see all the measurements for the collection items and relative accessories.

Planning a small laundry area in the bathroom is not so simple: if you need some help, call on our dealers; they will provide all the advice you need. Find them here.

If you’re searching for more inspiration, take a look at our Home Laundry notice board on Pinterest

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