Indispensable accessories for a bathroom/laundry that would thrill Marie Kondo

Pull-out partitions, deep drawers and other solutions for equipping laundry room cabinets and banish untidiness.

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The famous Japanese writer, creator of the KonMari method for organising rooms and improving quality of life, would certainly approve of this post.
Our article today gives us ideas and tips for planning a bathroom/laundry that’s always super organised and tidy.

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Whether it’s a small bathroom with concealed laundry area or an actual home laundry with ironing facilities, the cabinets that integrate or stand side by side with the washing machine (and dryer, sometimes) are even more useful and functional if their interiors are organised intelligently with specially designed solutions and partitions.

Spazio Time Collection | An airy, well equipped laundry/ironing room is a dream for many (photo a composition with wall cupboard and washing machine cabinet, worktop with integrated sink/washtub); but when space is at a premium there are ways and means to avoid wasting even a centimetre: see below.

Furnishing a bathroom/laundry: solutions and ideas to keep everything tidy.
When space is limited it’s important to organise it to the millimetre, and achieve maximum functionality.

How to organise a laundry area in a small bathroom

A small bathroom can include a laundry area using a tall washing machine unit and exploiting the area above and below the washer.
The tall unit, organised with partitions and pull-out accessories, makes full use in height of the 65/70cm width of the washing machine compartment (average width 60cm).

Kandy Collection | Equipped tall washing machine unit with doors and fixed internal shelves: height up to 203cm.


How to organise a laundry area in a large bathroom

There is more scope with bigger bathroom laundries, which can include deep drawers for detergents, shoe racks, cupboards with clothes hanger rods for drying shirts and jackets without creases (or keeping them until they are ironed), compartments with hooks for brooms, electric brooms and vacuum cleaners.

Spazio Time Collection | A large laundry room can be organised with baskets, deep drawers and open units (here there is no real need to hide things). The thickness of the wooden modular structure – here in Olmo panna finish – defines the collection’s design and separates the different compartments.


If your bathroom/laundry also has room for an ironing area, consider the space required to store the ironing board when not in use (can also be an open unit).
A highly original solution in the Kandy collection provides a sliding ironing board that can be stored away: practical and discreet!

Kandy Collection | Ironing board and iron can disappear into tall units, have a special space for their storage or fit into special sliding compartments.

Let’s find out which accessories are useful for organising a bathroom/laundry well.

A tidy, functional laundry: six useful accessories for organising space

  1. Laundry baskets: the most obvious accessory in a laundry, needed to keep the dirty washing out of sight.  If there’s room, more than one is a good idea, to keep white and coloured things separate.
    Kandy Collection | The many solutions in the collection for keeping dirty washing out of sight, with single baskets or divided ones for separating white and coloured things.
  2. Deep drawers for detergents: used to store detergents in use, or keep a stock, if the drawer is big enough (we could be ecological and keep the empty containers to fill with detergents on tap).
    Spazio Time Collection | Detergent containers and refills, washing and ironing aids find a place in capacious sliding or pull-out deep drawers (convenient for moving around the laundry room).
  3. Internal partitions and pull-out accessories: when internal space is well organised it’s easier to keep in order towels, detergents, soap and other things needed for washing and ironing.
    Spazio Time Collection | Fixed shelves, pull-out racks and sliding deep drawers: everything in its place with a host of accessories for organising the laundry room.
  4. Clothes hanger rods: to place on the inside or outside of open or closed tall units (taking advantage of masonry niches, for example). Can also be used for drying or keeping tidy shirts, knitwear and jackets.
    Spazio Time (left) and Kandy (right) Collections | The clothes hanger rod is a simple, but extremely useful accessory in a laundry room. It can be incorporated and concealed in the tall or base units of both collections.
  5. Concealed or pull-out shoe rack: perfect for storing shoes neatly.
    Kandy (left) and Spazio Time (right) Collections | If there’s room, shoe racks in laundry units are extremely useful.  They have pull-out racks that can be fitted into cabinets with doors.
  6. Broom hooks: to avoid squashing broom bristles it’s a good idea to hang them on hooks or store them upside down.
    Kandy Collection | An example of how to fit a tall unit with shelves and space for brooms or vacuum cleaners.

Undoubtedly, the size of the room obviously conditions the project, but with the right accessories even a small space can become a functional bathroom/laundry room, as shown. The units in the Kandy and Spazio Time Collections can fit into places like corridors, garages, and, why not, under stairs (as we saw in a previous post). This makes it possible to furnish and complete multi-functional bathrooms (laundry, ironing room, walk-in closet).

Another space-saving solution for functional bathroom and laundry furniture is to fit a designer sink/washtub that doubles its depth when necessary.

In this case the designer sink/washtub is integrated into a worktop in glossy white Mineralmarmo. The rubbing board acts as a partition that conceals the full depth of the sink. This idea is ingenious when the bathroom also serves as a laundry room and an attractive, practical solution is desired.
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