Interior trends: what does the 2022 bathroom look like?

The six essential characteristics for a trendy bathroom.

We recently wrote in one of our posts: nowadays the bathroom is a multi-sensorial experience rather than a simple room in the house.

It is actually a stimulating, irresistible challenge for designers, who can count on unlimited tools and opportunities: finishes, materials, technologies, modular options, infinite alternatives that can create a host of different bathrooms.  But what are the trends for bathrooms in 2022?  What’s available for designers when they imagine a new bathroom? What’s essential in a 2022 bathroom?

Soft, sinuous lines

Curves are back, decor solutions featuring rounded items and patterns inspired by soft, undulating lines are to the fore: the trend for 2022 is clearly in contrast to the clean-cut, defined lines of the square, rigorous shapes featured up to now.

Smyle | A range of modular bathroom furniture that also includes rounded base units featuring elegant, minimal design.
Dolcevita | A detail of the corrugated front in Ideagroup’s iconic collection.

Colour and gleaming light

The 2022 trendy bathroom expresses character through colour and shimmering details. It doesn’t matter whether they are delicate shades inspired by natural colours, or deep, bright nuances: they can alternate or juggle textured finishes to create personal styles and original combinations.

Glossy, matt or metallised lacquers: colour comes in several shades, also depending on the amount of light striking surfaces.  Elegant flashes of light bring refinement and a touch of luxury to the bathroom.
Key words? Customisation and mix&match.

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Sense | UA delicate colour scheme (Verde Comodoro Fenix) for this airy solution featuring alternating volumes: open units, suspended drawers and top with washbasin.
Sense Collection | A top with integrated washbasin in Rosso Jaipur Fenix repeats the finish on the lower drawer, whereas the central part of the combination is in natural sanded Teak.
Brave | Illuminated details for the Disenia shower enclosure, which can be customised with a copper finish frame.


The 2022 trendy bathroom is a triumph of materials that evoke pleasant sensations when touched.  Ceramic is still one of the most popular materials, but Fenix, stoneware, HPL, marble, wood and all the other engineered agglomerates provide an infinite range of aesthetic and design solutions.  There is a wide choice of both tops and washbasins, as well as finishes on cabinets or shower trays: the bathroom becomes a blank canvas on which to express flair and personality. 

Sense Collection | Top with integrated washbasin in Piasentina stone-effect stoneware: the beauty of natural materials and practicality meet in stoneware, which has now gone from cladding to being a complementary decor item.
Sandy | A contemporary shower tray in traditional matt white ceramic.
Dogma Collection | Elegance and linearity: natural oak and marble-effect stoneware define the style of this combination, together with the Cristalplant washbasin.

Technology and home automation

Contemporary bathroom decor is technological. But what is technology in the bathroom?

From mirrors with Bluetooth connection to listen to music from a personal device to eye-catching engineered surfaces that are easy to clean, technology in the bathroom is anything that transforms design into functionality. It is not aesthetics for the sake of it: trendy decor solutions solve little problems, they bring comfort and meet precise daily needs, such as preventing the mirror from steaming up when taking a shower.

Sense Collection | Stone-effect stoneware and Fenix NTM confer finesse and practicality on this furnishing ombination: design and technology soothe the eye as well as meeting daily needs.
Nyù Collection | A furnishing combination composition that coordinates Fenix NTM and HPL: functionality and texture for a bathroom abreast with the latest trends.
Ideagroup mirrors can be fitted with digital controls for turning lights on and off, connecting to personal devices and demisting.

Scenic lighting

Lighting is a fundamental element in trendy bathrooms. It is no longer just illumination; modern suspended lights, scenic LEDs outlining the mirror, and slim luminous lines make lighting a complementary décor item that completes interior design.

Dogma Collection | The clean-cut lines of this furnishing combination are enhanced by the geometric effect of the separate, backlit mirrors.
Goccia (left) and Tube (right) suspended lights | The latest trends propose scenic suspended lights, light fittings that form part of the decor and illuminate a particular part of the bathroom.

A green touch

Pinterest docet: the 2022 bathroom is not trendy if it doesn’t have a green corner. Shelves and tops host plants (designer ones, yes) that love humidity, contribute to the decor and bring a touch of nature to the room.

Bull | In this solution of a wall-fitting bathtub there’s an idea for you to copy: make use of a towel rail for hanging plants!

The wellbeing zone

Trends in 2022 definitely consecrate the bathroom as a haven of wellbeing, aprivate oasis dedicated to relaxing. This area destined for personal pampering cannot be without a large designer shower or a modern bathtub in which to stimulate wellbeing.

Two layouts taken from the new Nyù catalogue: the bathtub comes back as a decor element desirable for its function as well as its good looks.


Contemporary bathrooms keep an eye on the latest interior design trends, but are above all functional and designed to satisfy the needs of a frenetic lifestyle.  Units and modules help to organise cosmetics and linen, linear surfaces are easy to maintain, and elegant handles come with comfortable grip. Closed or open units are used to create lively, original solutions.

The Sense collection provides a choice of three types of opening, according to preference: the elegant standard Sense handle (Brill, black or white finish), the Line handle integrated into the front and a Push Pull version for those who prefer handleless units.
With its recent restyling the Nyù range provides even more functional, original options with which to plan a trendy bathroom.

The 2022 trends dictate a bathroom rich in personality and colour, a room to make full use of, thanks to new functionalities, well-designed space and practical materials pleasant to the touch.

What about the future of bathroom decor? At the moment we cannot know, but if you want to keep up to date with the industry’s evolution and see the latest Ideagroup solutions, register for our newsletter!

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