What colours go best together in a bathroom?

Not sure what is the best colour combination for your bathroom project? How do you choose colours and textures that work well together? What pieces of furniture can be matched in a modern bathroom? Read on for inspiration on the most popular colour schemes!

Designing a new bathroom is a significant process that involves a number of steps:

  • defining the bathroom starting from the room layout;
  • creating a mood board with a colour palette and a choice of finishes to inspire the style and character of the bathroom;
  • selecting the sanitary ware, and bathroom furniture and fittings (accessories, lighting, fabrics).

It makes no difference whether the starting point for designing the bathroom is the room layout or the mood board: there is no strict order to follow, as it all depends on your specific requirements and the actual state of the room. If you are building a home from scratch you have endless possibilities: often it is the mood board that provides the inspiration for the actual design and layout of the bathroom; however, if you are renovating an existing bathroom, the starting point is generally the floor plan.

Defining the mood board for a new bathroom also means choosing a colour scheme, that is the colours that create the right ambience in the room. Based on your furniture choice, you can opt for tone-on-tone or contrasting nuances. One thing is for sure: colours are in full trend now, so don’t be afraid to go bold!

Sense Collection | Medioevo matt lacquered floor-standing unit.
Nyù Collection | The gorgeous silky texture of Fenix Ntm lends a unique touch to the vanity unit. Rosso Jaipur contrasts the shine of the top with integrated washbasin and the neutral shade of the wall.
Form Collection | Soft-touch finish Verde Bluastro lacquered vanity unit with oak-effect polymeric shelves. Black fittings perfectly echo the stylish finish of the mirror frame, the shower frame and the towel rail on the side of the vanity unit.

Colour combinations for the bathroom: which elements should complement each other?

A wide range of colours and finishes creates endless design possibilities.
The Ideagroup colour palette* comprises 41 lacquered finishes – matt, glossy and soft touch – and 4 trendy metallic finishes (gold, copper, titanium and pearl white), opening up endless scope for customizing the fronts and frames of your bathroom furniture, and much more.

The Ideagroup colour palette features 41 nuances, available with a matt, glossy or soft-touch finish.

In certain cases even the washbasins can be painted in a matching colour: for example, the Duplex Fenix Ntm top comes in a range of 12 colours to match the Mineralsolid integrated washbasin. The result is a seamless surface, either tone-on-tone or contrasting with the cabinet.

Nyù Collection | Cacao Orinoco Fenix top with integrated washbasin in matt white Mineralsolid.
Sense Collection | The new Elite semi-inset washbasin in Mineralux or Mineralsolid is available in any colour of the Ideagroup palette to match the rest of the bathroom decor (photo: matt Biscotto lacquered finish).

You can also customize your shower tray and shower enclosure from the Disenia collection in any colour from the same palette (check the Disenia website to see which models are available in a custom colour).

Here is an example: The Tecnogel Dual shower tray can be ordered in any colour from the Ideagroup palette to complement the bathroom decor.

The same applies to certain models of free-standing bathtubs by Disenia: among the brand new bathtubs presented at Cersaie 2021, the Soul and Deluxe models can be ordered with a painted exterior in any colour of the Ideagroup palette.

Deluxe (Aquatek Light) and Soul (M-Solid) bathtubs shown with a Nero and Medioevo painted exterior respectively: now even the bathtub can be chosen in a colour to match the bathroom furniture and fittings.

Ideagroup products can also be colour matched to any colour code, if your bespoke bathroom project requires custom-colour bathroom furniture and fittings.

But that’s not all: the decorative radiator too is part of the look, feel and design of your coloured bathroom. One of the latest products by Ideagroup is the Helios electric radiator: with its sleek, minimal design it adds warmth and style to any modern bathroom. In addition to the colours in the Ideagroup palette, the Elios radiator is also available in stoneware with a grey Pietra Piasentina finish.

Helios electric heater by Disenia | Can be lacquered in any colour to match the bathroom furniture.
Helios electric radiator by Disenia | Photo: Matching Pietra Piasentina finish for the radiator and cabinets.

As an alternative you can team neutral-colour furniture and fittings with painted walls: read our post to find out how to choose the colour for bathroom walls.

Cubik Collection| Malto matt lacquered suspended vanity units. The walls are painted in the same colour as the furniture for a tone-on-tone, total-look effect.

How to match colours in a modern bathroom

Modern bathroom decor revolves around clean, uncluttered lines and minimal furniture, without alternating volumes. A pale, neutral colour scheme with shades of white, grey and beige is probably the most popular choice for modern bathrooms, but this is not an absolute rule.
Nevertheless, bright, vibrant hues should not be left out of the colour scheme of a trendy bathroom project: the photos in this post prove that modern bathroom decor can in fact be elevated by pops of colour and characterful contrasts. Coloured fittings, which have become an important furnishing accessory, and different materials in the same colour will lend a touch of glamour.

Sense Collection | Not just lacquered finishes: the furnishing combination in the photo is in Malto lacquered Teak, with Malto matt lacquered top and open shelves. Same colour, different materials.

How to work with colours in a shabby chic bathroom

The delicate, romantic style of a shabby chic bathroom can be given a contemporary vibe by bringing in touches of square, streamlined design. In this case, tones are preferably pale and powdery, and wood finishes are light and grainy. The finishing touch is lent by carefully chosen furnishing accessories and fittings.

he wood finishes in the Dressy collection.

How to match colours in a modern bathroom

Classic bathrooms continue to remain popular, although they tend to be increasingly infused with modern influences. The new classic style features a modern take on the traditional, boasting more practical materials and more functional volumes. For example, marble has a timeless charm that is perfect for both classic and modern bathrooms.

In addition, darker wood finishes, which make the bathroom look warmer, can be combined with open-pore lacquered finishes, creating the right compromise between tradition and modernity.

Dressy Collection | Both the top and the vanity unit are Senape matt lacquered (browse our catalogue).

Bathroom colour schemes: an extra idea

If you are planning on using colours as the ‘wow factor’ for your bathroom project you can opt for unusual solutions not necessarily involving furniture:

  • pair a coloured ceiling with neutral walls and furniture;
  • consider the bathroom door as a part of the wall: paint it in the same colour as the wall or in a different colour to elevate contrast;
  • dare to go coloured with the sanitary ware, as was the trend in the old days: modern ceramic sanitary ware is now also available in a range of trendy, delicate nuances!

What’s your preference? Would you opt for a colourful bathroom style or rather prefer a more neutral look? Don’t miss our inspiration and decor tips from our blog: visit our Virtual Showroom and subscribe to our newsletter to stay posted on the latest trends.

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