Interior decor trends: the bathroom sparkles with flashes of metal

Of all materials, metal is the one that we do not envisage in the bathroom. We think of it as delicate and not suitable for contact with water … and yet today the very latest trends integrate metal finishes for bathroom furniture and the shower area. This proves that it not only can be used in damp places, but it can also become a significant style detail. Let’s see how in today’s post!

At the latest editions of the trade fairs (this September’s Cersaie and the previous edition in 2018) metal effects were everywhere, from tiles with iridescent inserts and decorations to new finishes for designer taps, bathroom accessories, shower enclosure frames, cabinet handles and mirror frames. The bathroom is enhanced by nuances that interact with the light and change the perception of materials and colours that are contrasting or tone on tone to individual taste.

See the new metallic finished presented at Cersaie 2019 »

The most popular metallic finishes for modern bathrooms at this time are matt black, bright brass and brushed burnished gold.

Take a look at the video made on our stand at Cersaie 2019 to see some of these colours and lacquers: if you like metal furniture there are many ways to integrate items in your bathroom project.

Metal Finishes

Metal details in the bathroom: let’s start with furniture items

We are not strictly talking about metal bathroom furniture, but wood (wood or lacquered finish) or wood effect furniture enhanced by metallic finishes and accessories that highlight design and define style.

Copper, stainless steel finish, black painted: just some of the ideas that can customise bathroom furniture compositions. From handles to towel rails incorporated in cabinets to drawer frames, from legs and feet to metal or metal effect wall units.

Cersaie 2019 | Cubik with doors and drawers in metal and grey, acid-etched glass for a modern, metropolitan bathroom with a masculine mood.

Are rigorous style and furniture full of character for you?
Cubik is what you want!

Dogma Collection: washbasin on a metal structure (painted black) with matching mirror frame that highlights its dimensions, for this minimal, industrial style bathroom.

Eye-catching textures matched with industrial details: don’t hesitate, see Dogma!

The finish on washbasins and cabinets can also have a metallic effect: you will be wowed by the freestanding washbasin coordinated with a lacquered metal finish for the open units and Disenia shower enclosure frame: an original idea for a modern, trendy bathroom, even where space is at a premium. The full-height columns optimise space by making good use of the wall free from fittings.

An idea for a coordinated, trendy interior | Sense Collection: metallic lacquered washbasin and open units with coordinated shower enclosure frame.

We talked about this explosion of coordinated lacquered colours and finishes in a post dedicated to colour in contemporary bathrooms.

Metal finishes in modern shower areas

The shower enclosure frame is a decor element not to be underestimated. You may opt for a steel effect (always very popular) or coordinate it with the same metallic finishes used for the décor and taps.  The same colour can be repeated on the shower tray drain or support arms for fixed glass panels, coordinating the style of the different components.

Cersaie 2019: metal details featured on our stand | Disenia shower enclosure

Want to find out how the shower enclosure frame can become an important décor detail?
Take a look at the Disenia collections »

Metallic towel rails, handles and décor details

Let’s take a look now at complementary items and all those details that round off the project and define the style of the bathroom: handles, bathroom mirror frames, metal shelves and towel rails coordinated with the featured metallic effects.

Cersaie 2019: Detail of the Form collection, with brushed steel finish for the handles, identical to the taps and fittings.

Form: see the many styles in a collection of elegant,
modern bathroom furniture »

Cersaie 2019: other metallic details on our stand (Dogma and Cubik Collections).

New metallic finishes for designer taps and fittings

Until a few years ago the choice of a classical chromed brass finish for taps and fittings was almost conventional practice, but now colour and finish (glossy, matt, brushed, etc.) are features that complete bathroom furniture – as well as the bidet and shower area – as a style element that coordinates everything.

Form Collection | The black lacquered tap matches the style of the towel rail and mirror frame, creating a contemporary total match full of character.


Contrasting effect for a modern bathroom: how can we match metal and different finishes in the bathroom?

We have prepared some moodboards with certain coordinates that are sure to inspire you! A moodboard is a type of collage that matches the colours and finishes for a decor project: it can be consulted whenever you want to define the decor and complementary items for a room.

Moodboard 1: Piasentina stone, glass and stainless steel, burnished aluminium: the Dogma collection is enhanced by strongly contrasting textures and dark colours.
Moodboard 2: The titanium lacquered taps illuminate the Mineralsolid washbasin standing on a walnut top that contrasts with the matt white lacquered open units. The Form collection provides a host of ideas to inspire you.
Moodboard 3: Fossil oak for a rustic top that takes on a contemporary look when coordinated with matt black lacquer and stainless steel metallic details (shelf) and matt graphite (washbasin). The Cubik collection creates eye-catching matches.

Let’s not forget that metal-finish lamps, suspended, on mirrors or walls, or other items such as occasional tables, chairs and the handles on doors and windows, contribute to defining the style of a bathroom. Even a small detail like the washbasin drain can make a difference.

Dolcevita Collection: the warm glow of glossy brass stands out against the dark finish of the vanity unit, washbasin and mirror frame.

Taking care of metallic finishes

As for the other bathroom materials, we must take care of metal and metallic finishes if we want them to stay as bright and intact as they were on day one.

Always dry metallic elements to avoid watermarks and lime deposits.  Usually water and neutral soap are delicate and effective, also for metal shower enclosure frames and washbasins. Here we explain how to clean chromed taps and fittings.
If the item must be degreased (handles, for example) or lime deposit must be removed, chemical detergents can be used as long as they are not too strong.  Always rinse immediately with lots of water and then dry with a soft cloth.
Take care with bleach or acids; they can cause irremediable damage to metallic finishes!

So, now what do you think of metal in the bathroom? Would you like to see other texture contrasts or conjure up coordinated metallic finishes in your bathroom?
Look for the dealer nearest to you and check them for yourself.

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