Planning and furnishing a hidden laundry

How can we hide a washing machine, the washing and detergents by disguising laundry room cabinets? See our decor solutions for the creation of an out-of-sight laundry room.

We are living in an age of increasingly small, hybrid, multi-purpose private spaces: our houses have shrunk and we need versatile furniture to use at different times of the day for different purposes (think smart working, so common now). The bathroom is certainly no exception: it’s rare to have the space for a room dedicated to washing and ironing.

Contemporary collections of bathroom furniture dedicated to laundry space are so attractive as to make the issue almost superfluous: designer cabinets, sinks, and laundry baskets, attractive, super technological washing machines and dryers, even dispensers and containers organised and labelled to appear perfect on Instagram! A modern laundry doesn’t need to be hidden, but if you still want to camouflage it in a room that acts as a guest or main bathroom, this post will give you a few tips.

Kandy | Visible or concealed, the laundry is a room to show on Instagram!

Hiding the laundry in the bathroom: what don’t we want to see?

Let’s begin by identifying the elements typical of a laundry room that can be concealed from view, starting with the things we can’t do without:

  • Washing machine;
  • Detergents and small utensils for washing clothes;
  • A clothes basket (or space) for washing and ironing.

Small bathroom? How to organise a mini-laudry

As the space in the room increases, other accessories or appliances can be included:

  • sink (not essential, but why not?);
  • dryer;
  • ironing board and clothes iron;
  • broom cupboard for buckets, vacuum cleaners and other cleaning accessories.

What’s essential in a laudry? Discussion here

Furniture for bathroom laundries is designed for areas that are both functional and elegant, organising deep drawers and tall units to store everything needed for washing clothes or house cleaning.

Now let’s see how laundry room furniture can be used to hide all this!

Spazio Time | Want to hide everything… or not? The wood side panels in the collection provide original, functional alternative solutions that encourage us to leave everything on view!

Spazio Time: furnishing a contemporary laudry

1. Hiding the washing machine in the bathroom

Often the main aim is to camouflage the washing machine so it can’t be seen. As we said above, most of the models available today are very attractive, but as there may be a need, for example, to avoid your appliance overheating, there are several storage solutions created for the purpose.

In the case of a bathroom with washing machine, for example, a washing machine (and dryer, if necessary) can be fitted into a tall unit equipped to support and conceal both appliances.

Fitting a dryer into a small bathroom? Here’s how

Spazio Time | Tall units for washers and dryers can be fitted into a bathroom or an adjacent corridor, with colours and style coordinated with the laundry room decor (here, the Kiruna concrete effect).

2. Hiding the washing

Furniture for bathrooms with washing machines includes internal deep drawers for holding the washing to be done out of sight in the base units or tall units. In any case, there’s nothing to stop you choosing a designer basket and leaving it on view: there are some lovely ones to coordinate with the style of the bathroom. It all depends on the space available.

Kandy | The washing can be hidden: base units with pull-down opening come with convenient, practical baskets. If you prefer a deep drawer, opt for the Spazio Time deep pull-out drawers.

3. Hiding and organising detergents and accessories

Deep drawers, open units, tall units and wall units are essential to keep everything tidy and organise everything needed for washing and cleaning. Bear in mind that in a bathroom laundry part of the space will be dedicated to this function, so when planning your furniture combination, remember that it’s not just for storing cosmetics.

Spazio Time | Goodbye untidiness thanks to Spazio Time storage cabinets that can be coordinated with the finishes and colours in the My Time collection: bathroom and laundry become a single, elegant and practical space.

Coordinated bathrom and laudry? My Time and Spazio Time

4. Hiding the sink… or not?

Sinks are not in such demand as in the past because nowadays we don’t wash as much by hand as we used to, but they can be useful for a number of reasons (a bathtub for a baby or puppy, the need to wash voluminous objects, for example). Why not fit a hybrid washbasin that can increase its depth to become a sink? Attractive every day, convenient when needed.

Spazio Time | A laundry cabinet with washbasin that becomes a sink: this is the ‘T’ solution in Acritek, available in matt or glossy white, top in Rovere Borneo.

5. Hiding brooms and buckets in a bathroom laundry

If the bathroom is big enough to be used for organising everything needed for house cleaning, choose capacious storage units for buckets, vacuum cleaners, brooms and similar. Tall units with different depths and widths are perfect cupboards that coordinate with the bathroom laundry decor.

Spazio Time | Internal accessories radically change the units’ functionality, turning them into shoe cupboards, brush and broom storage or cupboards for storing washing.

6. Hiding the ironing board

Ironing is not a popular activity, but at times it is inevitable. What’s needed for ironing – board, iron and finishing products – can be concealed from view with closed storage units that may even incorporate an ironing board to pull out only when necessary.

Spazio Time | An ironing board can be incorporated into a storage unit, as shown in the photo.

So, hiding the laundry in the bathroom can be done: collections like Spazio Time or Kandy provide infinite possibilities with base units, deep drawers and baskets, tall units, sinks and wall units that help to organise space successfully while concealing the laundry from view.

Watch our gallery for inpiration!

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