Seaside holiday homes: furnishing tips for an essential but trendy bathroom

Cabinets, colours, accessories and useful tips for making a holiday house a home from home.

The bathroom, one of the most important rooms in contemporary homes, is the place we miss the most on holiday.  Perhaps because it’s the only room that provides privacy and intimacy, or maybe because it contains – and conceals – the products and accessories we use to pamper ourselves. If it isn’t well planned and fitted, we may begin to feel homesick.

That’s not nice, is it?  We’ve all felt it at least once. However, if it’s more likely to happen in a hotel or other extraneous place, it is less so in a bathroom in our own home, even in a holiday home.

So let’s have a look at how to furnish our seaside holiday home bathroom if we want to feel comfortable away from home on holiday!

1 | Less is more: organise everything in a small space

Holiday home bathrooms are generally smaller than those in our permanent homes. It goes without saying that where space is at a premium it is crucial to plan the room well so that it is both comfortable and functional. Storage units, wall units, drawers: being at the seaside (and making short stays) should not be an excuse for being untidy or leaving everything lying around.

Furnishing a bathroom small on space but big on character »

Smyle by Blob | Drawers, wall units and tall units can be combined to meet needs.

2 | Home comforts on holiday

It’s a common error to neglect accessories and complementary items that make the bathroom more functional: from a set of dispensers and soap dishes to towel hangers, shelves to hold products you need at hand and coordinated waste bins. We’re in our own homes, but we can pamper ourselves as if in a spa.

Smyle by Blob | The more restricted the space, the better it should be organised.

3 | Colours, materials and fabrics that ooze wellbeing

A seaside holiday = relaxation. Or at least that’s how it should be; but very often the interiors of holiday homes are underestimated and appear anonymous and haphazardly furnished without giving thought to the right colours or the best atmosphere.
It’s not impossible to keep to a budget and compose a balanced mood board that coordinates according to interior design psychology, involving seasonal colour analysis applied to interiors, and colour therapy.

How to choose the colour for bathroom walls »

Smyle by Blob | Neutral but trendy shades, like any of the four polymer colours in the Smyle range, create an elegant ambience without overdoing things.

4 | Practicality, quick cleaning: on holiday there’s no time to lose!

If cleaning is not our favourite thing in daily life, on holiday we certainly don’t feel like dedicating time to it.  Right from the start it’s better to choose materials that are quick and easy to clean, hard-wearing and not delicate: at the seaside they will come into contact with different kinds of creams and oils, dried salt and sand, and detergents for hand washing underwear (because the bathroom is often also the laundry room). In addition, very often there is just one bathroom in a holiday home, used frequently by a number of people: the washbasin is therefore almost always wet.

A tip?  Tops with integrated washbasins, for example, are easier to clean because the two elements are seamless. Password: practicality.

Smyle by Blob | Particularly at the seaside, it’s better to go for hard-wearing, easy to clean materials, such as Mineralmarmo, Mineralsolid, and polymer fronts.

5 | Essential design, limited budget: the perfect bathroom cabinets for a holiday home

Furnishing the bathroom of a seaside holiday home (or a holiday home in general) involves slightly different choices from those for a bathroom in a permanent home.
Needs are different, in terms of functions and storage space, and often the spend is a consideration.

Smyle, the collection presented in this article, is a series of modern space-saving bathroom cabinets that are practical and functional, highly customisable and available in a wide choice of dimensions (6 washbasin units to stand next to base units or tall units, according to the space available and the need for storage space).  Single unit modules can be used to easily create compositions, including one with an original curved base, perfect for small spaces.

Smyle doesn’t break the budget and doesn’t forgo style or trendy decor: that’s why it’s perfect for your seaside holiday home bathroom!

There are a host of finishes to suit different pockets and taste.  Seven wood finish polymers and four polymer colours – matt or glossy, and matt, glossy or soft touch lacquered finishes (41) in the Ideagroup range. Smyle can also be supplied in a choice of four matt metal coloured lacquers.

Space-saving, modern, functional:
Smyle is the perfect collection for a seaside holiday home!

The novelties of Smyle include super trendy fronts with a ridged finish, either lacquered or with wood effect. This variant provides elegant, contemporary décor, with its practical, discreet handle incorporated into the fronts.

Smyle: browse the catalogue in pdf

Furnishing a seaside holiday home bathroom: last minute tips

When furnishing a seaside holiday home bathroom, the criteria of practicality, easy cleaning and keeping to a budget are also valid when selecting the other elements:

  • Prefer simple, essential shapes in a style that never ages;
  • It’s true that the house is not always inhabited, but remember that it should be comfortable in any case: don’t make the mistake of choosing small fittings (a common error);
  • Provide storage space for less frequently used products in tall or wall units; they may also be useful for protecting the things you leave in the house;
  • Choose a shower tray in a practical, hard-wearing material: showers are taken more frequently at the seaside, particularly if the house doesn’t have an outdoor facility. Opt for an easily cleaned shower enclosure so you’ll have more time to spend on the beach!

What if your holiday home isn’t at the seaside?
 Ideas for furnishing a bathroom in your mountain home »

Whether you’re installing a new bathroom or restyling an existing one, choosing the right decor for a bathroom in a seaside holiday home can have a big impact on your daily comfort and the relaxing sensation you want to feel when on holiday.

Are you packed and ready to go now? Before closing your cases, rush to see live whether Smyle is the collection for you (and your seaside holiday home)!

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