How to fit a dryer into a small bathroom

Have you always wanted a home laundry, but your bathroom isn’t big enough? No problem with these decor solutions for a modern, practical bathroom-laundry, even when space is at a premium: Spazio Time and Kandy.

The need for a guest bathroom, however small, is widespread because it solves a day-to-day problem, which can now be met with the numerous collections of laundry room furniture and accessories.
The reduced dimensions of modern bathrooms (and of homes in general) lead to multi-function solutions and space-saving ideas that will make the most of the room available, perhaps by developing vertically or fitting built-in compartments.

The key words for designing small bathrooms are:

  • Organisation: of space and closed or open compartments;
  • Functionality: of base storage units, which must provide intelligent solutions for a combined bathroom and laundry;
  • Tidiness: keeping daily chaos and cleaning products out of sight is essential.
Kandy Collection: composition for a bathroom-laundry with wash basin that can become a washtub and storage cabinets to match the wall units. The washing machine and dryer can be placed next to the base units, as illustrated. The perfect solution for a small guest bathroom that’s convenient and practical.

Where can the washing machine and dryer go if the bathroom is small?

Let’s try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

> Can a dryer be fitted in a windowless bathroom?
Certainly, why not? The important thing is to provide an effective system for air circulation to prevent bad odour and damp.

> If the only bathroom-laundry is small or tiny?
Very small bathrooms can be developed vertically, fitting walls with tall units, which can be open or have doors, to stack a dryer on top of a washing machine.

> What about a long, narrow bathroom-laundry: can a dryer be stacked on top of a washing machine?
Here too the answer is yes. In this case the furniture will be placed in line on a long wall and comprise modular units and tall storage units with various depths according to the space available.

Kandy Collection: details that furnish the bathroom-laundry to make it extremely practical, like large wash basins/washtubs, space-saving lateral towel holder handles and concealed laundry baskets.

See the KANDY collection »

Furniture for an essential, minimal bathroom-laundry, with customisable finishes and several accessories to fit inside the cabinets.

How and where can I find room for a washing machine and dryer in a small bathroom?

The answer also depends on the type of bathroom.

1. If there is only one bathroom in the house, the biggest problem is probably to conceal all the services (washing machine and dryer, shoe cabinet, laundry basket, a place for brooms and other cleaning tools).

2. The same applies if there is a second bathroom also used as a guest bathroom: generally speaking, customers opt for closed cabinets and fold-away solutions to keep the room tidy.

In the latter two situations a washtub can be fitted by opting for models that are both washtubs and designer wash basins: good looks and functionality go hand in hand.

Kandy Collection: modern, minimal bathroom-laundry. The designer solution provides the convenience of a deep washtub that can be closed to become an elegant, minimal wash basin.

3. If the bathroom is small but provides only a household service, its decor can be chosen more freely and space, although very little, will be entirely dedicated to practical laundry solutions.

To furnish a modern, functional bathroom, even a small or windowless one, is not only possible, but also easy and stimulating, thanks to the many ways in which elements can be combined according to size, depth and finishes.

See the SPAZIO TIME collection »

Design enters the bathroom-laundry room, with concealed solutions and closed cabinets to integrate and conceal a washtub, washing machine, dryer and functional accessories.

Spazio Time Collection: to organise and sub-divide areas in which to conceal washing machine and dryer, laundry basket, shoes and washing products. In the photo: tall units for washing machine and dryer, in an open version or one with doors.

One of the tricks for concealing a washing machine and dryer could be the idea of using a built-in cabinet with doors flush with the wall: this is possible only if the bathroom can be renovated, or planned from scratch.  A width of 70cm and a depth of 50 will be enough to take a tall unit: the wider the compartment, the more elements can be placed side by side with the wardrobe.

To complete the bathroom decor with laundry room cabinets and accessories (laundry baskets or ironing boards, for example) there are several elements to integrate the decor, according to the space and depth available:

  • Pull-out laundry basket to separate coloured items from white ones;
  • Shoe cupboards;
  • Bars with broom hooks;
  • Bars for hanging clothes;
  • Ironing table or board compartments;
  • Pull-out ironing tables.
Spazio Time Collection: the open wardrobe has a washing machine compartment, an area for stacking things to be ironed and shelves. May also be fitted in a corridor or other unused parts of the house.

That extra idea: thanks to the possibility of concealing a washing machine, dryer, shoe cupboard and linen cupboard, a service laundry room can be set up in unused corridors, under stairs or in garages: tall wardrobes or large open shelves covered by curtains can be practical, intelligent solutions. If possible (when having work done) just move the washing machine drain and/or dryer socket to one of these areas.

Kandy Collection: washing machine and dryer can be fitted into cabinets, built into niches or placed in passageways. Due to opportunities for customising finishes, service cabinets can be perfectly camouflaged by style or colour.
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