Dual washbasins and other solutions to keep the peace

Ideas to design space and vanity units when the bathroom is used simultaneously by all members of the family.

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The bathroom is the most intimate room in the house and having the place to oneself is essential for truly being free and able to relax. However, daily routines and family needs can prevent this: so let’s rethink the decor in a way that the room can be shared but also provide the right privacy (as much as possible) and storage space for everyone’s personal products.

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DOLCEVITA | Dual wash basins integrated into the top in this linear composition whose uncluttered good looks are highlighted by the wave pattern on the fronts, the distinguishing feature of this collection.

Designing a bathroom to share

If the bathroom in question is the only one in the house, or the only bathroom in the bedroom area, how can we make it more convenient for use by different people at the same time?

1. Structural solutions: an idea could be to split the room into two parts and create a so-called ‘French bathroom’, although this is not so popular in Italy. In this case the sanitary ware would be behind closed doors (as in hotels, for example), so that the rest of the bathroom can be used. A through shower is an alternative to consider if we want to separate the vanity unit area from the sanitary ware without putting up walls; using smoked or mirror glass creates a real partition that ensures the necessary privacy, as well as being a fashionable design solution.

2. Décor solutions: here we are talking mostly about compositions of bathroom furniture with double vanity unit and storage units used to organise and store products, towels and personal objects. This also includes accessories such as dual mirrors, multiple clothes hangers, wall units and shelves to hold everyone’s things.

Dual wash basins, capacious deep drawers, internal partitions: the perfect furniture for a shared bathroom

The more people use the bathroom, the more capacious and well organised the cabinets must be if we want to avoid instant chaos. This can be done by providing storage units for each member of the family:

  • Deep drawers, doors and closed wall units to keep everything tidy;
  • Open units and shelves to place on walls without cabinets. These will become décor items that are also functional.
SENSE | Items in line with the collection’s design, for customising compositions and providing space for the family’s personal items.

SENSE: see the entire collection »

DOLCEVITA | The dream of all neat freaks; capacious drawers and partitioned storage units, matching the external finishes.

However, the fundamental element for using the bathroom together are the dual washbasins, possibly standing on a large top.

Dual washbasins in the bathroom: integrated, sit-on or separate?

Many people dream of having two washbasins in the bathroom, and it can be done. Even small bathrooms can be fitted with a vanity unit with two washbasins, all it takes is a suitably compact model. We’ll see how many solutions there are for a vanity unit with two washbasins.

Integrated dual washbasins

In this case the vanity unit has two flush washbasins of the same shape and size, which can be in glass, solid surface or other technical materials. This solution features linear, uncluttered design, where nothing protrudes from the top. The only thing to bear in mind is the depth of the bowls, usually less than sit-on washbasins.

SENSE | Dual washbasins integrated into a suspended Aquatek top, coordinated with cabinets featuring capacious, functional deep drawers and handles in an original position on one side.
MY TIME | Matt white Mineralsolid top with integrated dual washbasins.
DOLCEVITA | Detail of bowls integrated into a top in lacquered, sanded glass (matt titanium, metal finish, like the cabinet). The taps set into the wall help to maintain the rigour and linearity of this solution.

Dual sit-on washbasins

Here the cabinet top can be in any material: two cut-outs are made for the two washbasin drains, which can be chosen to suit dimensions and design. Sit-on dual washbasins are a trendy design choice that provides the opportunity to coordinate washbasins and sanitary ware, because the washbasin is a separate element from the cabinet.

SENSE | Sit-on dual washbasins on a top, with round bowls (ceramic Speed model) whose soft lines are enhanced by the coordinating mirrors. The taps are fitted on the side to lend a lighthearted air to the composition.
DOLCEVITA | With a top of the right length the two washbasins can be placed in unusual positions, as in this photo. Plenty of free space on the left and two washbasins standing side by side on the right (Click, in Mineralsolid). The wavy pattern of Dolcevita can also be used for the open shelving with which to customise compositions.

Semi-inset dual washbasins

Semi-inset washbasins are a cross between sit-on and inset (or completely integrated in the top) ones: the cut-out on the top is larger because part of the washbasin depth is set into the cabinet.
The depth can be the same as that of the cabinet (as in the photo) or protrude from it if the space available will not take 50cm cabinets.

SENSE | Semi-inset washbasins also come square and simple, as shown above. The two bowls are partly inset into the vanity unit, with only the depth of the border protruding.

Separate dual washbasins

Who says two washbasins in the bathroom must be identical and placed on a single vanity unit or at the same height?

Creative compositions for a vanity unit with dual washbasins can be, for example:

  • Physically separated from each other (why not place the two washbasins against different walls, if the bathroom layout is suitable?).
    DOLCEVITA: An original, eye-catching idea that clearly creates two separate vanity units with two separate washbasins (top in Aquatek with integrated washbasin and lateral drip catcher), coordinated by the same style and colour. The two units could also be in different colours.
  • Two different washbasins (one sit-on and one free-standing, for example: the former on a storage cabinet and the latter free-standing with some small shelves).
    CUBIK | An example of how to coordinate two different washbasins (one sit-on on a base, the other semi-inset into a top).
  • Washbasins of different heights for the smaller members of the family (why not consider the possibility of a low-standing washbasin if there are children in the house?).

Two taps on a single bowl

There is also a fourth possibility: to fit a large washbasin with a double tap cut-out . Perfect for smaller bathrooms, this washbasin is usually rectangular and has two mixer taps for a single bowl. In this way two people can use a single washbasin.

#ideainpiù | Dual washbasins … dual mirrors?
Mirrors can be used to highlight dual washbasins composition with two washbasins can comprise a single, linear mirror or two (or more) mirrors. Different sized or shaped mirrors over two washbasins will give an original touch to your bathroom.

DOLCEVITA | The collection includes unusually shaped mirrors of different sizes with which to create original compositions.

DOLCEVITA: see the entire collection

  1. The idea of using a dual washbasin in the bathroom in order to keep the peace is really a very good idea. I will definitely change the washbasin of my bathroom to a dual washbasin so that my husband and I don’t fight over who will use the washbasin first in the morning. Thank you for sharing this idea with us through this article.

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