Bathroom design trends 2023

How has the general perception of the bathroom changed over the last few years? How often do people’s preferences and habits with regards to the most private room in the house change? And does bathroom furniture itself have to change to adapt to these changes?

It’s been a year since we posted Interior design trends for your bathroom: 2022 and it’s time to update you with the latest trends and confirm what’s hot, and what’s not. Here are the five main trends we predict for bathroom décor in 2023:

1. Colour

Vibrant, intense and dominant: colour is one of the main elements that characterises and defines the style of a contemporary bathroom. Regardless of the wide fan base neutral colours evoke, colour breathes life into a room giving it its own vibe and personality. But how can you use colour in the bathroom? Should it be on the floor? On the walls? In the furniture? Or a sum of the accessories and towels?

…What if the response is: all of them

Let’s have a look at the photos from the Ideagroup stand during the last Cersaie (2022). Here, an intense yellow colour (Giallo Bikini) steals the show. The same colour is used for the vanity unit (Dogma collection), tall units, etched glass top, shower tray (Dual, in Tecnogel), the exterior of the Soul bathtub, and the shelf.

Opportunities for colour matching the bathroom are unlimited thanks to the new colours of the Ideagroup range, which now includes six new lacquer colours (Blu Rana, Gelatina, Neve, Porpora, Verde Foglia, Verde Glauco). Contrasting or tone-on-tone colour combinations create environments with a strong chromatic personality: don’t be scared to experiment, any trendy bathroom needs colour!

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Cersaie 2022: a colour-coordinated bathroom in Giallo Bikini yellow (furniture from the Dogma collection: freestanding tall units, etched glass top with integrated washbasin, Soul bathtub, Dual shower tray, Modula shelf).

Not sold on the idea of too much colour? Here’s how to furnish a white bathroom.

2. Porcelain stoneware and natural marble

Although this aesthetic has traditionally been reserved for classically styled rooms, today marble is considered to be a key in contemporary and minimalism design thanks to the possibility to recreate marble veins on porcelain stoneware, a practical and easy to care for material. Washbasins, tops, cabinet fronts: stoneare can be used to create an elegant and trendy bathroom.

Grigio Collemandina marble: one of the ideas for the Dolcevita collection presented at the Salone del Bagno 2022 (Milan).
Top and backsplash in Arabescato Corchia marble, from the Dolcevita collection, Cersaie 2022.
Matt Carrara marble washbasin semi recessed in a Rovere Fossile top (Cubik collection): a photo from Salone del Bagno 2022 (Milan).

3. Glossy, reflective materials

After years of matt and extra-matt surfaces, glossy is making a comeback. Gloss lacquers, materials with a shiny finish, and mirror-finish drawer fronts and shower enclosures: transparent and reflective materials and finishes introduce space and light into the room, tricking the senses and giving it a feeling of airiness.

It’s a great trick for rooms that may have less than generous dimensions, while at the same time being a trendy, refined and overall aesthetically pleasing solution.

Playing with reflections between the mirror and the mirrored glass of the shower enclosure (Vitrum, Disenia), the bathroom doubles in size. This spectacular solution proposed at Cersaie 2022 is available on request for all Disenia shower enclosures.
Mirrored drawer fronts (Cubik collection at the Salone 2022). Reflective surfaces emphasise the flooring in the room: ideal for rooms with decorative floor tiles.

4. Bring back the bathtub

Another recent inversion of trends: decades of preference for a shower enclosure (and desire to replace old tubs) have seen a recent about-turn with more requests for bathtubs.

On the one hand there’s a desire to see the bathroom as an ambiance dedicated to well-being, often as a small personal spa, on the other there’s the fact that the dimensions of both solutions have changed.
Until a few years ago, it was a given that a shower enclosure would occupy less space than a bathtub, but today we can’t say the same. Showers as a whole have changed: larger, more spacious enclosures are often requested, even as walk-in solutions, and nowadays they often take up as much space as a bathtub.

Bathtubs, for their part have become smaller whilst still managing to guarantee both comfort and practicality. But how much space do you need to have to install a small freestanding tub?
It’s good to remember that, given you submerge yourself in a seated position, the length of a tub doesn’t necessarily impact its level of comfort. Even people of up to 1.90m can sit comfortably in a tub of 140cm length.

Seen: Levante (140×80 cm), Loop (150 x 65 cm), Ellisse (150 x 65) and Almond (155 x 65) are among the more conservatively sized options available in the Disenia catalogue.

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5. Colour-coordinated furniture and accessories: the total-look bathroom

A contemporary bathroom should be designed with even the smallest details in mind from the very start, which means also planning out the accessories. This means that the accessories naturally become an integral part of the bathroom itself, being coordinated with the rest of the décor in terms of colours and finishes.

To keep up with the latest trends, towel racks and shower trays can match the colour of the bathroom furnishings and shower fixings. This offers numerous options during the design process.

From the Ideagroup stand at Cersaie 2022 here is some inspiration for coordinating the accessories with the furniture (the first photo shows a double shelf in aluminium with a handy towel rack, in the following images are the Modula shelves in both the coloured and black options).

To recap on everything, current bathroom trends show a room full of colour and personality, in which all of the parts – thoughtfully designed to the last detail – are coordinated in a way that brings everything together in terms of finishes, colours and materials. The room can become a haven of well-being, even in the least well-endowed homes by using made-to-measure components that meet the requirements of the project.

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