Online just like for real: Ideagroup presents its new Virtual Showroom

Looking for ideas to furnish your bathroom? Visit our new Virtual Showroom, and immerse yourself in Ideagroup’s iconic collections.

Now there is another way to explore the Ideagroup collections of bathroom furniture, bathtubs and shower enclosures: it’s our Virtual Showroom, a digital reproduction of an exhibition area where you can browse the different solutions and access lots of interactive contents.

Just click to enter. You can visit the site wherever you are: on the sofa, in the office, on the train: an internet connection is all you need.

Ideagroup Virtual Showroom: how it works

Navigation is intuitive and responsive: you can visit our digital showroom from any device (smart phone, tablet or PC).

The display areas are highlighted with navigation points on the floor: position the cursor on them to move through virtual space and view the furnishing solution face-on, just as if you were in a physical sales point.

Ideagroup Virtual Showroom | Watch the video on our YouTube channel

The smaller circles mark points of interest and give more detailed information about individual products.

One click is enough to access the extra contents:

  • videos about surface care and maintenance (here all posts about the subject);
  • technical info sheets containing useful information;
  • modularity and finishes in the collection you are viewing, to find the ideal solution for your bathroom.

There is an interactive map of the virtual showroom – click on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen – so that you can quickly access the collection you are interested in and find the direction in which to continue your digital visit.

The advantage of our new Virtual Showroom is that it will be updated in real time with the latest news from Ideagroup, our new collections and product restyling.

Now you know how it works, start your tour of our Virtual Showroom: one click and you’re in.  After a quick registration operation, you are ready to navigate our bathroom décor compositions and collections.

Enter the Ideagroup Virtual Showroom

From top left: Dolcevita Collection | Sense Collection | Dogma Collection | Cubik Collection

Furnish your bathroom with Ideagroup: surf the collections

From virtual to real: see your dream bathroom in our showroom

The Virtual Showroom is the first step into the world of Ideagroup to discover our style, products and solutions for bathroom cabinets, shower trays and enclosures, bathtubs and decorative radiators.

Once you have seen a solution you like, continue your visit live: contact one of our dealers and ask for an estimate.

You will have the opportunity to assess different solutions, see and touch materials and imagine the compositions adapted to your rooms to help you decide whether the things you like in the images are right for you, your lifestyle and your home.

And if you’re about to renovate your bathroom, remember to ask for information about the 2021 tax incentives for home improvements in your country.

In Italy, you can receive a 50% tax rebate on a maximum spend of 96,000 euro. The bathroom is included in the tax incentives for ordinary and extraordinary home improvements: the important thing is to make sure the work is finished by 30 December 2021. The incentives apply to the purchase of furniture for renovated bathrooms (Furniture Bonus), to new plumbing or taps for water-saving purposes (Plumbing Bonus) and to all operations performed to reduce energy consumption and create amore eco-sustainable bathroom (Eco Bonus). 

Don’t hang about: rush off to our showroom and make your dreams come true.

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