Compact washbasins and space-saving furniture for small bathrooms

The topic of today’s post is small bathrooms, those very tiny bathrooms where you have to think hard about how to fit the sanitary ware (or at least the toilet) and a small washbasin/cabinet in there. They are generally cloakrooms, guest bathrooms or bathrooms that serve only the living area: essentially, bathrooms with a washbasin at least large enough to wash your hands.
Let’s take a look at the various décor solutions for furnishing these mini rooms with a touch of design! We have selected some ideas that could also be used for non-residential bathrooms (such as commercial restrooms).

Remember: size doesn’t matter. It is possible to turn a small bathroom into a stylish mini space (see our blog post: Furnishing a small bathroom in style).

Compact yet capacious: small, in fact ultra-small bathroom furniture

When depth is the major constraint, it is necessary to find furnishing suites that have really compact dimensions but are designed in such a way as to offer some counter space and, if possible, also include a small closed storage space. Cloakroom washbasin is the term used for washbasins with a shallow depth (less than 36 cm): find below some examples from our collections.

The MySeventy Plus collection features a mini vanity unit (45×36 cm) in American walnut-stain ashwood with an integrated Aquatek washbasin. The curved-corner basin makes the most of every cm! This is an excellent way to equip a mini bathroom with a small washbasin and some closed storage space for essential toiletries. Indeed, it’s a super compact, stylish and functional solution.
My Time collection (link collezione): this vanity unit with side open shelving and a glossy white ceramic washbasin lends a touch of elegance and modern design even to the smallest bathroom, taking up only 28 cm in depth and 60 cm in width.
A depth of only 28 cm characterises this mini vanity unit of the Form collection. It is 45 cm wide in the version without side shelves, and 60 cm wide in the version with side open shelves. The special shape of the rim allows the mixer to be fitted without taking up much space in the basin. A basic cloakroom washbasin with an unusual design.
My Time collection: 60.5 cm wide, 25 cm deep. A mini washbasin, mini counter space, mini open storage shelves: a super compact décor solution that has everything you need, including a mini wing to the side of the washbasin.
My Time collection: looking for something even smaller? This 46 cm wide, 25 cm deep petite washbasin sits on top of a mini cabinet with a mini hinged door. It’s hard to come across a smaller size.

If the bathroom can accommodate a slightly larger vanity unit (still within the 60/70 cm width range), options widen to include floor-standing solutions, for example, which usually feature an additional deep drawer. If possible, depths become more generous, providing for useful interior storage space for organising bathroom essentials.

Below you will find some bathroom décor solutions that can be customized to meet your individual needs.

My Time collection: Olmo finish vanity unit with Touch washbasin in matt white ceramic: this compact, functional solution is 60 cm wide and 46 cm deep.
Compact does not necessarily mean super tiny: the Smyle collection features 50cm deep, 60cm wide vanity units with two deep drawers. The top with integrated washbasin is in matt white Mineralsolid.
System collection: 60cm wide, 46.5cm deep vanity unit with a Sindy ceramic countertop washbasin. Complete with two practical, capacious drawers.
The Basic collection features plenty of 45cm deep vanity units with a ceramic washbasin. Photo: 60 cm wide suspended version with one deep drawer.
System collection: the smallest vanity units in the collection are 50 cm wide and 38.5 cm deep. The floor-standing version uses the full height from the floor to the washbasin.
Moon collection: three size options are available for the curved vanity units. The smallest one, which is 77.5cm wide and 40cm deep, is compact but capacious at the same time, with the washbasin and side wing making the most of every mm.
The Cubik collection features a 36cm deep floor-standing vanity unit with a square, minimal design, with an integrated washbasin in white Aquatek and two drawers.
My Time collection: if the washbasin can protrude beyond the depth of the vanity unit (36 cm), this top with an integrated washbasin in matt white Mineralsolid is the perfect choice.

With a variety of colours and finishes to choose from, each collection offers textured finishes, wood finishes, and colour nuances to fit any bathroom style.

Small in size but mighty grand: the free-standing washbasin

Lastly, mention should be made of the free-standing washbasin (a stylish new take on the traditional ceramic pedestal washbasin), which can also be compact in size, making it a good choice for small but boldly contemporary bathrooms.

Free-standing washbasins are almost always quite compact. They can be mounted against a wall or a corner , to utilise empty space in an original manner.

As they do not provide storage space, you can use the adjacent walls for hanging wall and tall units – either open or with doors – for storing your laundry and personal care products. The free-standing washbasin takes centre stage when the storage function is shifted elsewhere.

The following are some inspirations:

Cubik: Quadro Cristalplant washbasin with a mixer tap hole (44x44cm).
Beauty free-standing monobloc washsbasin in white Cristalplant on a matt Rosso Cuoio lacquered base (diam. 45cm). The basin includes a hole for the mixer tap.
Cylinder-shaped floor-standing washbasin (diam. 44 cm) in Cristalplant with a soft-touch Verde Bluastro lacquered exterior. In this case the mixer tap cannot be mounted directly on the sink but must be mounted on the floor, so you’ll need additional space to accommodate both the washbasin and the mixer tap.

Designing and furnishing a very small bathroom can be challenging, and we have talked about it several times on our blog. Here are some posts that you may find useful:

Please rely on the support of a professional expert in this field, because solutions for making the most of every inch of space do exist, but they must be thoroughly considered in order to weigh up every possible alternative, always taking into account the requirements of those who will be using the bathroom on a daily basis.

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