Suspended or floor standing: which bathroom unit to choose?

Bathroom units can be functional storage units or purely aesthetic elements: let’s take a look at the options.

The aim of this post is to help you understand whether a suspended or floor-standing unit is the best solution for your bathroom, not just according to parameters such as room dimensions and the space available (is your bathroom really small? Look here for inspiration). If you’re wondering whether to choose a suspended or floor-standing unit, the answer is: it all depends, as usual, on several factors.

Think about weight!
A necessary premise: before choosing a bathroom unit it is extremely important to ask the fitters if the wall in question will take the weight of a suspended composition. If not, you have only one choice: to opt for a floor-standing solution, which could have legs if you do not want the unit to be in contact with the floor. If you are renovating, check that the wall is suitably reinforced: suspended units can be fitted to plasterboard walls if they are supported by wooden boards placed behind the wall.

To decide which one is right for you, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of the two options.

Suspended bathroom units: pros and cons


  • They provide an airy, linear solution with minimum encumbrance.
  • They make floor cleaning easier.
  • They are perfect for small bathrooms because their appearance is not heavy.


  • They weigh heavily on the wall and in certain cases cannot be fitted (as mentioned above).
  • They provide less storage space.
  • They make it necessary to drill holes in tiled walls.
La Collezione Nyù ha basi visivamente leggere e minimal: 21,3 cm di altezza per quella più bassa con un cassetto (in
alternativa a quella da 45 cm). Perfetta per chi ama le linee pulite e il design rigoroso.
The Nyù collection has airy-looking, minimal bases: H. 21.3cm for the lower one with a drawer (alternative to the 45cm one). Perfect for those who like clean-cut lines and no-nonsense design.

Do you know NYÙ?
See the collection | Observe its modularity

Another solution could include a suspended top with washbasin and suspended bases below. In this case full use can be made of the drawers (the plumbing does not take up space) | Dolcevita Collection (h 38cm suspended base units).
The Dolcevita Collection, with its iconic corrugated finish, includes 38cm suspended base units, one lateral and one for the washbasin, and comes only as a suspended version.

Do you know DOLCEVITA?
See the collection | Observe its modularity

Floor-standing bathroom units: pros and cons


  • Weight is not a problem because they stand on the floor.
  • No need to drill holes in tiles: an advantage particularly with stoneware or marble.
  • They solve the plumbing problem because pipes are hidden from view.
  • The full height of storage space can be used.


  • They may appear rather heavy.
  • Floor cleaning is not so easy (or may be excluded, according to whether there are legs or a closed plinth).
The Cubik Collection is extremely versatile with regard to height and modularity: there are base units of 25.5cm (1 drawer), 35cm (1 deep drawer), 48.5cm (2 drawers or 2 doors) and 89.5cm (floor-standing base unit with 3 drawers and plinth). The collection is suitable for placing in the centre of large bathrooms.

Do you like CUBIK?
See the collection | Observe its modularity

Floor-standing units that look as if they’re suspended? It’s possible!

Actually, nowadays there are hybrid solutions that incorporate the advantages of both options, i.e. floor-standing units with long legs: these alternatives are uncluttered and linear and do not create a heavy effect in the room, especially small ones, and they do not weigh on the walls. As usual, design comes to our aid with attractive, functional ideas that solve any problem of structure or style!

The Dogma Collection comprises base units in two heights, 35 and 70 cm, and a metal structure that acts as a support and is also an aesthetic element to coordinate with the rest of the bathroom decor.

Do you like DOGMA?
See the collection | Observe its modularity

An extra idea: the feet can also become a valid complementary item when they match the metal finishes of the bathroom decor such as handles, taps and shower enclosure profiles.

Thinking of choosing bathroom furniture? Some useful tips:

If you’re still undecided whether to buy a floor-standing or suspended bathroom unit, visit your nearest Ideagroup dealer! You can inspect base unit capacity at first hand and take advantage of our expert advice.

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