Sense is renewed: ode to substance

After the restyling operation for Nyù, it’s now the turn of Sense to renew its look, integrating new materials and finishes and accenting their stylistic opportunities. See what’s new in the range and explore the new living experience of bathrooms.

Sense is a collection of modern bathroom furniture by Aqua: linear and minimal, it will customise the bathroom with elegant colour schemes, functional storage space and technologically advanced materials.  The novelties introduced by the restyling operation offer even more colours and finishes in line with the latest trends in contemporary future: let’s see them straight away!

The new Sense collection: see all the photos | Browse the catalogue

Sense: an extra rich range

Sense has always featured a wide choice of shades, and now it extends its decorative range by integrating finishes and materials that can be coordinated as a total or contrasting match; a constant dialogue between technology and texture.

Have you heard of Fenix NTM?  It’s a high-performance, nanotechnology laminate that’s always been a characteristic of this collection and is available in 12 trendy colours for tops and fronts.  We have now added eight versions of sanded teak: bianco, avorio, marmotta, naturale, canapa, cenere, piombo and nero. The teak finish can also be open pore lacquered in any of the numerous matt colours in the Ideagroup colour chart – a choice of 41 – and the four metallised variants.  The existing finishes are joined by new ones to mix and match in a bathroom in line with the latest décor trends.

Sense | One of the eight new sanded teak variants (Marmotta).

Tops and washbasins: Sense novelties

The Sense range provides several types of tops, including those in natural looking stoneware with attractive textured finish. One of the new items in the restyling is the Duplex top in Fenix, in a choice of 12 colours, available with integrated matt Mineralsolid washbasin in the same range of colours.  Duplex can be used to create an entire composition of bathroom furniture in the same colour, coordinating fronts, top and washbasin (tone on tone or contrasting).

Sense | New coordination of finishes and colours: in the photo the new Duplex top.

Another new item for Sense is the Elite semi-recessed washbasin with coordinated rectangular drain plug: it comes in Mineralux or Mineralsolid in any of the colours in the Ideagroup lacquered colour chart. If you’re unsure about which material to choose, take a look at this post: the subject is maintenance for resin tops and reading the post may help you decide which one to buy.

Sense| the new Elite semi-recessed washbasin: rectangular drain plug and colours coordinated with the decor.

Semi-recessed, integrated or sit-on? Which washbasin is for you?

Aesthetics, technology, functionality: Sense is ever more versatile and complete

The aesthetics of the fronts can be further distinguished by the new Line handle. Sense already proposed push&pull opening and the elegant Sense handle with its simple linearity, available with Brill, White or Black finish; the new handle is entirely in aluminium and is incorporated in the front, where it covers the whole length of the door.

Sense | The new Line integrated aluminium handle.

The opportunities for a host of Sense projects are practically endless: compositions can be suspended or floor standing, with different depths to fit into the space available.  The mirrors and wall units already in the range are joined by a new storage mirror, entirely in aluminium with lighting integrated into the top part; the doors have mirrors on both sides and the rear panel is also a mirror: functionality at its best when you want a big mirror without forgoing storage.

Sense: see all the sizes in the range

Sense | The new 15cm deep aluminium storage mirror.

Would you like to see Sense hands-on? Visit one of our dealers to examine the finishes closely and plan your own customised composition.

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