Ideas for a shabby chic bathroom

Can shabby chic inspire the décor of a modern bathroom? Let’s mix and match some design ideas.

Originating in Great Britain, shabby chic style recreates classical interiors where time-worn materials take on vintage flair. The most romantic version is reminiscent of the Provence style, which features pastel colours and (often) lots of white and beige. Lines are soft, fabrics natural, and cute floral patterns abound.

Shabby chic is a retro, country chic style that can be re-interpreted in a contemporary key, blending relaxed, romantic textures and colour schemes with uncluttered, less traditional lines to make it more modern and in keeping with current interior design trends.

Modern shabby chic bathrooms: classical inspiration, contemporary influences

How do you mix two apparently opposite décor trends like minimal and retro? Can we find some common ground to design a contemporary bathroom with the warmth and elegance of a more traditional environment? Let’s try together: we will identify the essential elements of a shabby chic bathroom and define those relating to choices of textures and décor features. We can then add touches of modern styling to create a shabby chic environment with a more modern mood.

The perfect materials and colours for a shabby chic bathroom

When fitting out shabby chic bathrooms, go for the natural, light colours typical of more traditional ambiences. Wood will have a rustic finish, preferably with visible grain, and an aged effect (natural or recreated). Taps and fittings with a brass or bronze finish, not necessarily of classical design, contribute to softening the bathroom’s style: nowadays there are several metallic finishes on the market that can be used in different contexts.

Tiles can also make a big difference: from neutral shades to floral decorations, from vintage effects to the more classical patterns. This trend was displayed by many tile manufacturers at the recent edition of the Cersaie exhibition (2021).

Design trends: Floral patterns proposed at Cersaie 2021 | Left: Milano Mood collection by Fap Ceramiche – Right: White Deco by Marazzi Ceramiche. Credits: Fap, Marazzi

Furniture for a shabby chic bathroom

Once you have chosen the style, go for something really trendy, such as mix & match: here is some inspiration taken from Ideagroup’s bathroom décor collections.

DRESSY | The Dressy collection features classical lines, suitable for country-style ambiences but at the same time adaptable to more modern bathrooms with a slightly retro influence. This versatile collection features a wide range of finishes and is extremely functional. One of the photos shows the practical washing machine housing unit.

Dressy Collection | A discrete, versatile range that adapts to any style, from shabby chic to contemporary, mixing lacquered surfaces, light and dark wood finishes, and Carrara marble effects (see all finishes of the Dressy collection).

DOGMA | Marble is a symbol of classical style, revisited with the precise, uncluttered lines of a furnishing collection that combines industrial and contemporary styling. The mix & match approach lends itself to clever use also for shabby chic bathroom furniture.

Dogma Collection | Marble effect stoneware washbasins and fronts, natural vintage or bleached fir wood tops: the Dogma collection features finishes that fit well into country-inspired or more traditional bathrooms despite its contemporary lines.

NYÙ | Shabby chic bathroom décor features furniture in aged wood with a vintage finish or time-worn timber. The Nyù collection features wooden tops designed to re-interpret the style in a more modern key so as to cater to the most diverse requirements.

With an uncluttered, linear style, furniture from the Nyù collection will be at home in shabby chic contexts, with HPL California finishes or Dark Brown Oak tops adding warmth to interior design projects that mix and match different styles, and romantic pastel colours such as the Medioevo matt lacquered finish.

Soft lines and relaxing atmospheres are the key features of shabby chic bathrooms

Compared to a clearly contemporary, minimal bathroom, one with a shabby chic inspired interior looks to soft lines and sinuous details to recreate cosy, relaxing atmospheres.

A bathtub rather than a shower is preferable as such a choice underlines the style characteristics you are looking for. You can opt for rounded, free-standing models like the ones in the photo.

Disenia | Dekò and Ring by Disenia feature soft, cosy design, perfect for a contemporary, shabby chic bathroom.

The bathroom as a private haven of wellbeing

Shabby chic bathrooms: style tips

The overall style of a project not only comes from your choice of décor, but also from the use of complementary items and accessories. Once we have a mood board in mind for a shabby chic bathroom, we can underline the inspiration by adding items such as wooden baskets, candles, retro light fittings, hand-made soap and accessories such as brushes and sponges in natural materials.

To complete the atmosphere, opt for soft linen or cotton towels with floral or vintage patterns.

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So, shabby chic style in the bathroom may be textures, a touch of style or a colour scheme, without becoming excessively traditional or romantic. Have you ever thought of it?

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