How to furnish a bathroom in Nordic style

The first step in choosing the right Nordic bathroom is to understand … what a Nordic bathroom is!  The advent of Scandinavian style is hard to pinpoint.  Actually, it was influenced by Northern European design, which after the two world wars became popular due to its emphasis on shapes, functionality and natural materials. A desire for modernity and innovation resulting from years of conflict contributed to the spread of this type of design, which is still one of the most popular in Europe.

What are the typical characteristics of modern Scandinavian interior design, and how can we replicate them in the bathroom with furniture and claddings, accessories and complementary items?
A quick online search will give us a first answer: a Scandinavian-style room usually has a neutral colour scheme – white dominates – and wood (particularly distressed or light coloured) radiates warmth and a love for nature. 
Nordic upholstery fabrics are especially soft and warm to the touch. A Scandi bathroom is cosy and sophisticated at the same time, down to the tiniest detail.

Taking all that into consideration, here are some ideas for furnishing your bathroom in Scandinavian style.

A Scandi bathroom with an industrial vibe? Dogma is the perfect collection; it provides a choice of finishes and is distinguished by metal structural elements: see all the options here.

Colours and coverings: simple and bright

Nordic design tends to use décor to recreate what is naturally missing in Northern Europe, i.e. light and warmth. That’s why white and materials that radiate warmth are favourites.

Starting with wall and floor coverings: Scandi bathrooms featurelight coloured wood floors (or wood effect stoneware, according to taste and budget) or tiles in neutral shades (texture according to personal preference). And the walls? Whether you prefer tiles, wallpaper or alternative paint finishes, creating a light, airy atmosphere is crucial: coverings with textured or three-dimensional finishes are ideal, as are glossy finishes that reflect light.

Lighting plays an extremely important role: to enhance the bathroom’s style, artificial light must be carefully planned (and natural light must be considered as well).

Uncluttered lines and wood finishes featuring knots and grain: Nyù is ideal for a characterful minimal Nordic style bathroom. See it on the dedicated page.

Scandinavian bathroom furniture: choosing Nordic style décor

Nordic bathrooms are elegant and minimalist, with clean-cut lines and no strong contrasts. It’s all about functionality: less is more, meaning less colour and fewer elements (furnishings, accessories). So the trick is to choose minimal but capacious cabinets, with compartments and storage space for organising personal objects and keeping clutter out of sight.
There are many variations of Scandinavian style, and the choice of furniture will depend on the style of the bathroom, which can have a vintage feel or be more contemporary.
Finishes? Although wood (preferably light or neutral colours) appears to be first choice, lacquered or textured (marble or stone) alternatives should not be disregarded.

Minimal and essential: the Form collection is perfect for a contemporary, functional Nordic bathroom. See it here!

Other ideas for a Scandinavian bathroom

As we have seen, Nordic bathroom décor is minimal: to complete the atmosphere don’t overdo the accessories. Also, choosing natural or coarse fabrics is important for conveying a sense of comfort, wellbeing and softness. Use plants by all means, if the room has natural light, and small objects that make the bathroom cosier (candles, pictures, even books).
Choosing a bathtub or shower enclosure is entirely up to you: you can go for whatever works best for you (if you’re undecided, take a look at this post).

A Scandinavian style bathroom with a vintage air? Dolcevita is perfect, with its refined, sinuous lines: see here.

Other tips? The key to Nordic style lies in its unique atmosphere, which is often recreated more with accessories and colour schemes than with actual furnishings.  Planning the bathroom right from the start by defining all the elements is the key to achieving the result you want: an elegant, simple room that’s harmonious and tidy.

Do you prefer another style for your bathroom?  Take a look at a shabby chic bathroom or Feng Shui bathroom and don’t miss other ideas for inspiration in our blog, to find the style that’s just right for you!

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