Teak: finishes, characteristics and maintenance

Teak is a very popular wood species for finishes in line with modern interior design trends, also in the bathroom: for this reason we have chosen it for Sense, one of our best-loved collections of designer bathroom décor.

This post will give us more information about this wood species, where it comes from and what’s outstanding about it, as well as providing some tips about its use in bathroom décor and how to make sure its beauty remains intact over time.

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Sense by Aqua, in Black Sanded Teak Nero (fronts and top)

First things first: what is teak, where does it come from and what type of furniture is it used for?

The hardwood known as teak comes from the Tectona plant, now found only in Africa and Asia (where there are four different types of plantation). The tree has an imposing trunk (approximately 30-35 metres tall and 1 metre in diameter), from the base (here the diameter may reach 10 metres) of which a ring of bark is removed before felling: in this way the plant releases humidity and natural colouring so that the wood acquires its typical shading.

Teak is a valuable species, renowned as much for its appearance as for its mechanical and physical characteristics (water repellent, resistant to salt spray and weather conditions). For this reason it is suitable for many uses, from the shipbuilding industry to interior décor, as well as the building trade and indoor and outdoor flooring.

These very characteristics and exceptional resistance make this type of wood ideal for bathrooms, which are subject to humidity: its oily resin makes it waterproof and protects it from insects, parasites and abrupt changes in temperature.

Teak bathroom furniture: wood coordinated with other materials

Our Sense collection uses Indonesian teak, one of the best known types of Asian teak (waterproof and more sophisticated than African teak, as it is drier, i.e. less oily, and similar to other wood species).

Our catalogue contains different teak colours (in nature the colour of this wood goes from honey to warm brown, with deep grain) to facilitate coordinating the wood with different materials and change style according to the shade involved.

The first image shows the traditional warm colour of wood contrasting with the texture of Fenix, a super technological material that creates a prestigious, contemporary ambience (what is Fenix?).

A warmer shade of teak (Marmot, one of the latest finishes for Sense) is coordinated with white to create the modern, linear bathroom shown in the photo below (if you’re looking for further inspiration for a modern bathroom: see here!).

For a more sophisticated bathroom, teak can be coordinated with marble finishes, as in this example (the vanity unit is in Calacatta marble effect stoneware, more affordable and less delicate than the real thing).

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Maintaining and cleaning teak furniture

Although teak is strong and waterproof, bathroom furniture in this wood still needs care and attention to keep its beauty intact.

Here are some tips:

  • Clean teak furniture with a soft bristle brush (alternatively, a cotton cloth) moving perpendicular to the grain so as not to spoil or scrape it: this will keep its gloss over time.
  • Clean daily with a tepid damp cloth.
  • For more thorough cleaning (e.g. of fronts) use mild soap and tepid water. Rinsing is essential to eliminate all residual detergent.
  • Rinse and carefully dry the surfaces of teak furniture. Check for residues of soap, cosmetics or water, which can leave marks on the surface.

Teak bathroom furniture: yes or no?

Now that we know the characteristics of teak, its needs and the opportunities it provides for coordinated décor, we have to decide if it’s what we really want. We know it needs care and attention, so it is not suitable for those who have no time for maintenance operations.

However, we also know that it brings warmth and elegance to bathrooms, and it will coordinate with a host of materials to create different styles. It’s perfect for those who like wood, but go for décor that’s not too classical or traditional.

Does it appeal to you?

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